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Do I have a chance of getting into Rice with a 30 ACT?

turtlelover24turtlelover24 Registered User Posts: 16 Junior Member
I'm a transfer student: graduated high school early. I have a 3.9 GPA (4 is the highest), an Associate of Science in Mathematics, President of the Robotics club at my school, on my 2nd internship (this one is at NASA), and I worked at a tutor and student mentor for the last two years. I'm not going to include my entire CV/resume, but they are packed. I've done a lot of STEM-related work and outreach. Last semester I won 8 awards and created comprehensive virtual Calculus 2 and 3 notes that will be implemented into courses at my college as a resource. I'm also dyslexic, for which time and a half is recommended on the ACT, but couldn't afford the extensive testing needed to qualify ($1,700). Moreover, I'm a first-generation student and my parents do not support my endeavor to become educated. It's all I've ever wanted, and I want the best education I can get. I'm wondering if I'd have a chance.

Rice only accepts about 13% of transfers
Ave ACT: 32 - 35
Rice does not superscore.
GPA Ave: 3.5
GPA Min (For Transfers): 3.2


Replies to: Do I have a chance of getting into Rice with a 30 ACT?

  • ChiGuy123ChiGuy123 Registered User Posts: 128 Junior Member
    Which school do you go to right now? Are you a first or second year (or after) transfer? What are your reasons for transferring?

    For first years, Rice tends to look at your high school stats, because they really only have maybe just a semester's worth of college to see what you've done. So it might be a bit more difficult with a 30 on the ACT, though if you got into a highly ranked school they may consider that. Test scores aside, you look pretty stellar and I would say your application would get multiple looks by admissions.

    If you've been in college for at least a year, then they have more college credentials they can judge off. I think you'd have a much higher chance if this is the case since they're more likely to emphasize on what you've done in college and only glance over that ACT score.

    Transfers are such oddballs because every single transfer applicant has so many aspects in their application that is hard to compare to one another. It might just come down to your long-term goals and intentions, so you'll also want to hone in on your essays.

    Don't let your ACT score make you think you won't have a chance, but be aware of how difficult it is as a transfer no matter what you have in your application.
  • SrabookwormSrabookworm Registered User Posts: 110 Junior Member
    I wouldn't let a 30 ACT score stop you from applying -- it's a decent score, although lower than Rice's average, but it doesn't rule you out. Your profile looks strong, and if you show the admissions office what you bring to the table. Highlight the areas in which you're strongest, and remember that this is only one of several factors in a holistic admissions process!
  • turtlelover24turtlelover24 Registered User Posts: 16 Junior Member
    It's a bit more complicated... My parents don't believe in educating women (I am a woman), so I pretty much didn't go to high school. I was still getting A's and taking honors courses. My counselor even signed me up for all AP classes for the next year, but when I left I was still classified as a 'freshman' because I hadn't accumulated enough hours to be a sophomore or a junior (I never repeated a grade). I went to school 1 - 3 times a week, sometimes missing weeks entirely (I would often take tests early because of this).

    I dropped out at 16 so that I could essentially run away and start community college. I don't regret that decision, it was the best thing I could have done for my education and my life. I took the GED when I exited high school - its the only high school record I have. At my community college, I have accumulated 85 credits in 2 years and an Associates in Mathematics.

    It would just be so unfortunate, considering how hard I have worked, that my ACT would be the reason I was rejected... But like you said, its hard to predict something like college admissions. I'm just hoping that the other parts of my application will outweigh the ACT...

    Anyways, thank you so much! Your response has given me hope - I submitted my aplication yesterday!
  • EDHDADEDHDAD Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    @turtlelover24 Just a few comments on what you have expressed in the posts above: The ACT score is less important for transfer students than it is for incoming freshman. Also, you will not be able to transfer all 85 units from community college. Lastly, Rice is a reach school for pretty much everyone and has very low acceptance rates. So it would be smart to have a back up plan.
  • turtlelover24turtlelover24 Registered User Posts: 16 Junior Member
    Absolutely. I wholeheartedly agree - it is my stretch school. I don't expect anything, but I'm not too shy to hope... As for the credits, I expect to retake many courses wherever I end up going (and am not upset about that). I just happened to take on heavy loads because I was "feeling out" several majors. My purpose behind mentioning that was to answer a question asked above.

    Rice is my dream school (as I'm sure it is for many people), and I don't think there is any harm in dreaming... That being said, it is not the only school I'm taking seriously as that would be very ill-advised.
  • ChiGuy123ChiGuy123 Registered User Posts: 128 Junior Member
    Wow. Not gonna lie, you have one of the more impressive backgrounds that I've read on this forum. Personally, I think a 30 on the ACT is quite impressive with what you had to work with.

    One thing about Rice's student body is that people are multidimensional. I would go out on a limb and say that any school has "smart" people; people who are good at taking tests and/or people who study a lot. But at Rice, I think it's fairly obvious that it's not enough to simply get good grades, the students there have some other aspect that makes them unique (or as some people prefer, "quirky"). There are people who start their own businesses, musicians who've had research positions, even people who served in the military before coming to Rice. Basically, I think your background fits in quite well with Rice's student body. I think that 30 on your ACT is just a number and I hope admissions realizes that applicants aren't built on a spreadsheet.

    Best of luck, I'll be rooting for you.
  • AGoodFloridianAGoodFloridian Registered User Posts: 1,365 Senior Member
    I'm with @ChiGuy123 on this one, you have such an inspiring story. If time permits, I would even encourage you to apply to more colleges with the 4/1 deadline.

    With that baggage of credits you have, I truly don't believe a 30 on the ACT will harm you. Your life experiences, colleges grades and involvement will easily overshadow a test you took on some random Saturday morning. At the end of the day, transfer admissions can be hard to predict (last year Rice was overenrolled and their transfer applicant pool took the consequences of that full force, face first). I'm crossing my fingers that Rice manages to be a little more steady in their freshmen class this year so there can be room for people like you to get admitted. Good luck!
  • turtlelover24turtlelover24 Registered User Posts: 16 Junior Member
    @ChiGuy123 @AGoodFloridian
    Thank you, that is very meaningful to me. I only talk about my past when necessary or when I need to elaborate on my current situation. I wouldn’t have mentioned it otherwise, and I’d like to get to a point where I don’t have to.

    I hope you’re both right, and Rice’s diversity is something that was very attractive to me. Rice seems to have a place for people from all walks of life and skills, while also providing amazing opportunities and scholarship.

    Anyways, thank you for the encouragement. I’ll try not to stress too much other the coming months and make sure to let you know if I was miraculously accepted, haha.
  • PublisherPublisher Registered User Posts: 5,440 Senior Member
    Does Rice University even consider high school SAT & ACT scores for transfers with two years of college credit ?

    In short, I am asking if your ACT score is even relevant for evaluation of your transfer application by Rice ?
  • turtlelover24turtlelover24 Registered User Posts: 16 Junior Member
    @Publisher ACT or SAT are listed as transfer application requirements. For more info, visit this site: http://futureowls.rice.edu/futureowls/Transfers.asp
  • PeaceOfMindPeaceOfMind Registered User Posts: 123 Junior Member
    @turtlelover24 Look into colleges which do not require ACT/SAT. There are almost 1,000 such colleges, many are top notch such as Colby, Weslyan, etc. See list here: http://fairtest.org/university/optional
  • PeaceOfMindPeaceOfMind Registered User Posts: 123 Junior Member
    @turtlelover24 Also, consider applying to colleges which will take into account your unusual background. While some colleges might discount your background struggles and focus mostly on your scores and grades and credit hours, some colleges will accord great recognition and value to your self-reliance, perseverance and initiative. Think of Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore, Colby, and other small liberal arts colleges. Expand your horizons beyond any one school.
  • NathaliaNhemNathaliaNhem Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    Hey! I also applied to Rice as a transfer student! You definitely have a better chance than me. Your story is very impressive and your ACT score is great, so don't worry. My ACT is a 27 (it's super low, I know). I feel like I should have written how I REALLY feel about Rice in my essays. I was going to write about how Rice "feels like home" but then I thought that would sound gay or too extra. So I didn't write that anymore. Now I regret it. I'm really sad because I can already feel my rejection letter.
  • turtlelover24turtlelover24 Registered User Posts: 16 Junior Member
    Try to relax, while Rice is a very good school, it is not the be-all-end-all. There are many amazing schools in the great U.S.A. (and beyond...). I'm sure your essay is stellar - in the future just remember to be true to yourself. Any selective admission process is there to sort through applicants to find those that will fit in best and are most applicable to the task. In general, it is better to just be who you are, rather than who you think they want. Then if you are chosen you'll know its a good fit! This is generally a good philosophy whether you're applying for a job, internship, or grad school. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck and remember that wherever you end up going you will make a positive difference and create a thriving academic life for yourself.
  • turtlelover24turtlelover24 Registered User Posts: 16 Junior Member
    I only applied to the schools listed below. My only purpose for mentioning any of this is to help other people like me who are lost like I was - without parents college is even more daunting than it typically is.

    Trinity University ___________(39% acceptance rate for transfers)
    Baylor ___________________(85% acceptance rate for transfers)
    Tulane __________________(34% acceptance rate for transfers)
    UT Dallas ________________(69% acceptance rate for transfers)
    UT Austin ________________(40% acceptance rate for transfers)

    Rice _____________________(13% acceptance rate for transfers)

    COA = Cost of Attendance
    (tuition, room and board, books, other)

    FAFSA: Since I have not been in contact with my parents for over 4 years I must file a dependency override, which is usually 17 pages of legal documents and signed and notarized statements. It is a very laborious process, but it pays off! Below are the financial packages I received from each school. My EFC is $0.

    - Trinity has offered me 87% of COA in scholarships ($48,300) along with another 8% in subsidized direct federal loans($4,500). Without loans, two years will cost about $15,000.
    COA: $55,789

    - UT Dallas offered half of COA ($13,000) in scholarships/grants and the other half ($12,000) in subsidized direct federal loans. Without loans, two years will cost about $27,770.
    COA: $26,880

    - Tulane has offered me 84% of the COA $59,445 in scholarships/grants, 5% ($3,500) in subsidized loans, and 8.5% ($6,000) in unsubsidized loans. Without loans, two years will cost about $22,638
    COA: $70,764

    - I rejected Baylor, and UT Austin so I have no FAFSA info

    I am accepting Tulane's Offer because their neuroscience program is nationally ranked, they are a small school, and I believe a bachelors from Tulane will best help me get into a top masters program.
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