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What are my chances Rice University ED

hopefulsenior2020hopefulsenior2020 1 replies3 threads New Member
I am a hispanic going into sociology at RICE University. I applied ED for the class of 2024. I have taken ten ap classes, but I did not perform the best on the AP tests. Out of ten, I passed nine and one three of those were 5s. I have six threes. I've had a two year internship at a local non profit, founded two clubs, a feminist group and a tennis team. I am president of the feminist group and team captain of the tennis team. I've been playing in orchestra since fourth grade, and I am now first chair viola. To build on the feminist group, I have a blog and am an ambassador for my region. I feel that my ECs demonstrate a strong interest in sociology, but RICE is crazy competitive. I do come from Texas, and many of my classmates have also applied ED. I have a 3.57 GPA and a 34 Act. I know I am not very strong academically, but I have been to every RICE Event in my city, did an on campus interview and an overnight. Do I have a shot?
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  • joecollege44joecollege44 178 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Nobody has a great shot at rice. We are talking single digit acceptance rates here. And unfortunately I do think your AP scores and GPA will be strikes against you. You seem like a productive and good person and will succeed wherever, so don’t get too fixated on one reach school. Have some more realistic matches.
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  • Houston1021Houston1021 1141 replies18 threadsForum Champion Rice Forum Champion
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    Good Luck to you. You have shown strong interest in Rice, and you have applied ED. That should boost your chances some. Rice is trying to increase its diversity. As an Hispanic female , you might have a better chance than someone with your stats that is not Hispanic. Slightly more males than females apply to Rice so being female might help a bit. If you applied to the School of Social Sciences, you might have a better chance than someone with your stats that applied to Engineering or Natural Sciences. However, Rice has a very low acceptance rate, and acceptance to Rice is a crap shoot for all applicants these days.

    Be working on your applications to other schools so that if you are not accepted to Rice ED you are not scrambling at the last minute to finish other applications. If your school has Naviance, look at how students with similar statistics from your school have fared in the past. Rice is probably very familiar with the rigor of your school. Naviance will give you a pretty good prediction of your chances.
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