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Columbia SHP entrance exam

KappadesuKappadesu 20 replies1 threads New Member
I am a freshman applying to the Columbia SHP program.

I'm currently taking Honors Biology; I've taken a very basic introduction to chemistry and electrical physics in my 7th grade and 8th grade years, but that's all. We talked about Amperage, Ohms, Watts, volts, and electromagnetic circuits in electrical studies, and the properties of the periodic table, how to draw Bohr models & Lewis Dot diagrams, covalent/ionic bonding, valence electrons, and polar bonds in chemistry.

As for mathematics, I'm currently in Math Analysis, a fast paced precalculus/trig course. I find this course easy, and I do all the problems given with ease.

My first question is: What should I study for the science part of the exam? What types of things are most recurring, and what should I be proficient in? Next: Do I have anything to worry about for the "easy" math section?

What I am most worried about however is the challenge math section. I heard from many sources that the questions are harder than AMC 12, About as hard as AMC 10, and Easier than AMC 10. Which is it? If I can answer the first half of AMC 10 questions with ease, is there anything for me to worry about?

To prepare for the exam I've been reviewing past math courses I've taken, taking AMC 10 practice tests (The first 15 questions or so are fine, but I find the last 10 to be difficult), and have been reading and practicing from a Physics and Chemistry textbook. What more should I do?

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Replies to: Columbia SHP entrance exam

  • 0polo00polo0 31 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I'm planning on taking the exam too. Bump please if anyone has info on the AMC type section please reply
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  • KappadesuKappadesu 20 replies1 threads New Member
    Anyone have any information?
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  • xquiksilverxxquiksilverx 448 replies15 threads Member
    You're fine for math if you can do the first 15 questions on the AMC 10. I thought the level of the challenge math questions were close to those between #10 and #15 on the AMC 10. For science, you should be okay. You can afford to get quite a few wrong and still make it. I remember when I took the test, I left about 3-5 blank and was rather uncertain of my answers to 10 more questions out of a total of 80 or so, and I still got in.
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  • KappadesuKappadesu 20 replies1 threads New Member
    thanks, that's relieving.

    Also, are certain types of questions recurring for the challenge math?
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  • KappadesuKappadesu 20 replies1 threads New Member
    What kinds of problems are recurring on the "easy math" section?
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  • Opinion559Opinion559 185 replies1 threads Junior Member
    They curve the test for freshman. My school does no physics till junior year while some schools start with Physics in freshman year. So I think science section is a hit or miss depending on what areas they decide to focus on. But I did quite well on the challenge math section. If you go through the Art of Problem Solving Volume I, you should be fine. In fact they even repeat questions, verbatim from this book. So despite not doing well on the Physics section, I was admitted. I think they look at your essay, recommendation letters, grades and not just your scores on the test. Good luck!

    If you get in you will get to interact with some of the finest professors and it is a wonderful experience. However, if you are doing this simply as a resume building activity you will hate saturday mornings!
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