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Report: Class of 2018 Logs Average SAT Score of 1068


Replies to: Report: Class of 2018 Logs Average SAT Score of 1068

  • collegemomjamcollegemomjam 1898 replies1 threads Senior Member
    @JBStillFlying I agree with you that it's kind of nice that Georgetown hasn't caved into the pressure of making it easier and easier each year to apply to make them appear to be more selective and boost their rank.

    I actually think the 1500 correlating to a 34 is much more fair than a 33. That was actually the breaking point that didn't sit right with me. They obviously figured that out..that it wasn't fair to make the 36 equal to only a 1600 and nothing lower and then it all trickled down from there. Especially since a 36 could actually be a 35.5, based on how they round.

    So you think Georgetown somehow sensed from your cousin's application that he would not have gone if he was accepted? That's interesting!!! ND is a great place too! Where did your daughter end up going or did you say already?
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  • JBStillFlyingJBStillFlying 7026 replies24 threads Senior Member
    @collegemomjam my D17 is at UChicago and had also applied RD to CMU. Those were her two top schools. She didn't apply to G-Town. My son wasn't originally planning to either but he WAS planning three subject tests in the fall so thought: Why Not? and kinda toyed with the idea for a bit. Then over the summer he spent a little more than a week on campus and that changed everything. Got an admissions tour then, I believe and knew the place extremely well by the end of his time there. Then he heard the story of his cousin (my nephew - sorry I mistyped before) getting waitlisted essentially for treating it like a backup school. Must have shown in his essays. Those Jesuits - assuming there are any on the adcom - can probably smell the BS when they read it LOL. Ironically, another first cuz did get in that year but he and his parents had been carefully considering both G-Town and BC. My son is taking important lessons from these experiences and will be giving his G-Town application serious attention. It's not his absolute #1 but he'd be thrilled to be admitted and if shut out of his reachy-reaches then it becomes a serious contender. Not that G-Town isn't pretty reachy on its own.
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