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If you don’t fall into one of the SAT boost eligible category you loose in this game

CupCakeMuffinsCupCakeMuffins 1056 replies100 threads Senior Member
Instead of ending legacy SAT boost for wealthy, they are suggesting similar SAT boost for others. Athletes, URMs, first generation and rural applicants already get some. What about ones who doesn’t qualify? Isn’t this automatic deduction for them? Would personal merit and effort have any place left in this process?

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  • diegodavisdiegodavis 103 replies17 threads Junior Member
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    I was able to login to a university system which adjusted SAT score per the high school adjustment (adjusting based on sociology-economic factors for the high school). They couldn't increase scores for lower factoring high schools so they lowered scores for higher factoring schools. In the case of an upper middle class neighborhood outside Sacramento, an SAT score of 1350 was reduced to 1180.
    Very drastic change based only on school of primary attendance (my kids attend a few schools part time in addition to the primary high school). In our case it would have been better to change schools than to study and retake SAT.
    However, there is no reason to fight the tide. Go with it. In our case a transfer admission is a good choice.
    The trend for California universities (trend setters) is to divide undergraduate into two very distinct phases - first 20 classes and last 20 classes. First 20 classes are generic and last 20 classes define the quality of the student.
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1956 replies32 threads Senior Member
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    Behind a paywall, but it looks familiar and has come up before. It’s an academic study by academics, with nearly zero chance of adoption any time soon.

    SES factors are already taken into account by schools that want to consider it.

    (The word you’re looking for is “lose”)
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  • CupCakeMuffinsCupCakeMuffins 1056 replies100 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for correcting me and my auto correct.
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