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Fall 2021 - Consideration of SAT Score Variances

yammie8335yammie8335 17 replies16 threads Junior Member

As all of you may know, with this second wave of covid approaching, the SAT and ACT may not be proctored ever during the year 2020.

I took the SAT last December, and I got a low 1500s score. On a good day, I might get a mid 1500s, on a bad day a high 1400s. For many people it's like this.

If there are no more opportunities to retake the SAT before college apps, do you think ad coms will be considerate of how the design of the SAT inherently allows for score variances (a kid who gets a 1510 one day can take it another time and get a 1550 without any additional practice).

Although this may be wishful thinking, I want to believe that ad coms will recognize that many students only took the SAT (or ACT) once and could not get exposed to the additional chances of different external variables.

Although I understand that no one would know the definite answer, there are many people with so much more experience and knowledge than me, who could provide better reasoning for this question :)

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Replies to: Fall 2021 - Consideration of SAT Score Variances

  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2264 replies36 threads Senior Member
    There’s nothing new about students score varying between tests so I don’t see what they’d do differently. You could get a 1510 one day and then a 1460 with additional practice.

    What are you asking them to do if they “recognize” this? If you’re asking if they will give bonus points to students who only submit one score - no.
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