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Best Months to Take the SAT?

iameddiengiameddieng 0 replies2 threads New Member
What SAT dates are usually the best to take the SAT? I've heard some people say there are better curves for the Math section in March, while other people say just take it in August after you finished SAT Prep? Does it not even matter what date?
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Replies to: Best Months to Take the SAT?

  • happy1happy1 24165 replies2426 threads Super Moderator
    Take it when you feel prepared.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83821 replies743 threads Senior Member
    For the SAT and ACT, probably by spring of 11th grade, so that you can have a score before you make your college application list and have a chance to retake if you want.

    For the SAT, if you are considering taking SAT subject tests at the end of 11th grade for those associated with courses you are completing then, you would not be able to take the SAT on the same day, so consider that in your planning.
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  • BmacNJBmacNJ 300 replies21 threads Member
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2447 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Please ignore discussion of “better curves” - they come from people who don’t understand scoring/equating/etc.

    Take it when you’re fully prepared, and have sufficient time for additional tests if needed.

    Many folks here, who have the time/initiative to prepare early, take it for the first time in the fall of Jr. year, allowing simultaneous prep for SAT and PSAT. This allows time to get results and feedback, and focused prep for another take in the Spring, with time still available for a third try, if needed in late Spring or early Fall.
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  • drusbadrusba 9683 replies21 threads Senior Member
    edited July 14
    There is no "curve" as you would think of one. The SAT test year runs from Aug to June. Assume, for example, you take the October 2020 SAT. The score you get is not dependent on everyone else's score for the same test day. Instead, the score you get is one determined by comparing you to the scores of the test-takers from the previous test year, Aug 2019 to June 2020.

    Though some tests are a bit easier than others, there is no way to tell on which test dates of the year that will occur, and there are formulas used by SAT to equalize the scores among the tests, e.g., those somewhat easier tests may take a couple more correct answers to get the same score as another test.

    Thus, deciding when is far more dependent on determining when you are ready to take one. The usual time is in second semester junior year, or first semester senior year, but many feel capable of attempting earlier.
    edited July 14
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