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Subject Test Registration Changes

Lamar43Lamar43 2 replies2 threads New Member
Hi all, I have a few questions about Subject Tests. I'm currently signed up to take Math II, Physics and Literature on August 25th, but I want to change my registration so I take Math II and US History instead. I know I can change what tests I choose to take on test day, but if I change it online right now will I get a refund since I'm taking 2 tests instead of my initial 3? Or will I be charged the $29.00 fee that the College Board has for making test changes?
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Replies to: Subject Test Registration Changes

  • JBStillFlyingJBStillFlying 7911 replies29 threads Senior Member
    edited August 2018
    Here's what CB says about taking a different number of subject tests than registered for on Test Day:

    "Changing Subject Tests on Test Day
    In general, you can take a different test from the one you signed up for — the test booklet contains all Subject Tests available that day, so just take the ones you want. But there are some exceptions:

    You can’t switch to a Language with Listening Test that you're not registered for, because they require special equipment.
    If you’re taking any Subject Test with a special format (such as Braille or large-type test books), or in your school with school-based accommodations, contact Services for Students with Disabilities before test day to ensure that the right materials will be available.
    If you decide to take fewer tests than you signed up for, just turn in your answer sheet before the next test begins. Remember, though, that once you start answering a test, you can't decide not to take it — you’ll have to cancel all tests taken that day to avoid having it scored.

    You can also add a test on test day, if it’s being given on that day. Just remember that the exceptions listed above will apply. You’ll be billed for the tests you add."


    Reading between the lines, since dropping out of a test won't cost you anything on Test Day, it likely won't cost you anything extra now.

    To see if you are getting a refund, go to your registration and begin the process of cancelling one test. They will make sure you click "OK" or similar and - hopefully - should let you know beforehand whether you are getting a refund for that exam (my D17 did this for the essay portion on the SAT and was refunded the money so it does happen . . . ). However, it might make sense just to hang onto that third test and then bail on test day, especially if you are still wavering. You might be out the fee unless CB is nice and refunds on Test Day itself (not likely :) ). But you will also have avoided a cancellation only to change your mind again and pay again (or pay twice for the same test, in the event that they don't refund now).
    edited August 2018
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  • Lamar43Lamar43 2 replies2 threads New Member
    Thank you!
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  • pacificnwgalpacificnwgal 41 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @Lamar43 Did you have any trouble changing the tests ? Di you have fill out another form?
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