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HELP! Score-sending horror!

sfgiants320sfgiants320 13 replies14 threads New Member
I'm seriously freaking out right now. I just logged onto my College Board account and found that both my SAT Subject Test scores in May--Literature and US History--were sent to my favorite colleges; I forgot to remove them after registering, which I had meant to do. I got a 720 in US History (pretty good) but a dismal 630 in Lit, which I definitely don't want colleges to see--I was going to retake Lit in October or November. I'm in the class of 2010 (going to enter my senior year in August). What should I do to ensure that colleges don't see the 630? Can I use Score Choice to "override" the 630 score? Somehow "un-send" it? Or somehow, any other way, ensure that colleges don't see it? I'm applying to rather selective colleges (like UC Berkeley and Northwestern), so will they consider the 630 even if I do better in Lit in October/November? Please help!
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Replies to: HELP! Score-sending horror!

  • MidwestMom2Kids_MidwestMom2Kids_ 6345 replies328 threads Senior Member
    I think that if you retake it and do better on it the second time, they will look at the second score, not the first.
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  • sfgiants320sfgiants320 13 replies14 threads New Member
    But won't the really selective colleges see both the older and newer ones and consider the older?

    And does Score Choice apply to scores that have already been sent...? I'm really confused and freaked out right now.
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  • sfgiants320sfgiants320 13 replies14 threads New Member
    Anyone else? Please?
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  • spratleyjspratleyj 518 replies64 threads Member
    Score choice gives you the option not to send all of your scores, but if you have already sent them........
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  • sfgiants320sfgiants320 13 replies14 threads New Member
    That's what I was worried about...if I can't "unsend" them and retake Lit again in October/November, will my new score (assuming it's higher) replace my older score? Or will colleges consider both (which I don't want to happen)?
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  • MontegutMontegut 5518 replies606 threads Senior Member
    What if you sent it and won't retake it, since you won't take any more of that subject?

    Will you just be stuck with the college seeing the score, or will they only look at it if it's part of your application?
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  • sfgiants320sfgiants320 13 replies14 threads New Member
    Exactly what I was wondering. I'm hoping only the ones you send with your application count, but I'm not too sure. And I'm definitely retaking Lit.
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