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Stanford University Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

mgr001mgr001 14 replies2 postsRegistered User Junior Member
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Dear fellow prospective Stanford transfer students,

I recently finished my freshman year at the University of Connecticut as an Economics major. I earned a 3.6 GPA with a relatively rigorous courseload. I applied as a transfer student to Wharton but was rejected.

I will start with a few stats:

Race: Caucasian Jewish American

Gender: Male

Home State: Connecticut

SES: High

SAT: 1020 (Terrible. I took the SAT once a couple years ago and did not study at all. I will be retaking.)

I feel stagnant at my current school and will likely be taking a gap year for 2018/2019 to do something extreme. I am leaving to study abroad in Israel soon, so I may stay there.

At any rate, I wanted to start this thread as early as possible to get the conversation going. I do not expect much activity during summer break, so I am looking forward to conversations with other prospective transfer students this fall.

Good luck to everyone in advance.


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Replies to: Stanford University Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

  • kb199977kb199977 152 replies2 postsRegistered User Junior Member
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    pleasure to meet you, @mgr001
    I will be applying to Stanford for the fall 2019 semester as well.

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  • bazzi11bazzi11 18 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    @kb199977 @mgr001 I will be as well!
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  • bazzi11bazzi11 18 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    @mgr001 I also was rejected by wharton lol
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  • kb199977kb199977 152 replies2 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    @bazzi11 welcome to the clubbbbbb
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  • hh7213hh7213 3 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    nice to meet you guys I will be applying to transfer to stanford in fall 2019 as well
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  • avkhatri101avkhatri101 22 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Hello everybody, I will be applying for transfer admission to Stanford for Fall 2019 as well. It's nice to have you guys to talk.
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  • casewestern00casewestern00 13 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    I am considering applying to Stanford for Fall 2019. What is the area surrounding Stanford like? I am a city person so somewhere like Philadelphia or New York City is an ideal place, but I am also open to suburban areas.
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  • transferxcollegetransferxcollege 7 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Hi guys I am also planning to transfer to Stanford next fall. I am pretty much open to any questions and will post my stats when this forum gets going.
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  • avkhatri101avkhatri101 22 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Last time I took new SAT, I got a score of 1260 (pretty low for Stanford) since I'm an international student and am not that good in English . I currently have a GPA of 4.0, and hoping to maintain that over my sophomore year as well. Do you guys recommend me taking the SAT or ACT again, or just get going with the score that I have.
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  • ZZZXXXZZZZZZXXXZZZ 42 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Hi there. I'm planning to transfer to Stanford in Fall 2019 as a sophomore. If you have any advice or tips to help with the application process please do share here! Thanks in advance!
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  • FaexpopuliFaexpopuli 50 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    edited July 2018
    Hello, I am planning to transfer to Stanford next fall. I will be a sophomore by that time and please provide with some advice about what should I write for essays and what extracurriculars I should do. Below are my stats:


    SAT I (breakdown): 1540 (R: 340, W: 400, M: 800)- Second time taking, one-sitting

    ACT: N/A

    SAT II: Math II 800
    Korean 800
    Physics 790
    US History 740
    I’m also considering to retake SATs and adSAT Chem if it would boost my chance.
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.99 something- had one A- in my freshman

    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 5-7/500+

    AP (place score in parenthesis):
    Sophomore: Environmental science(2), Calc BC/AB subscore(5)

    Junior: Physics 2(4), US History(5), Stats(5), Lang(3)

    Senior: CompsciA(5), MacroEcon(5), MicroEcon(5), Physics C E&M(5), Physics C Mechanics(5), Chem(5), 2dArt(4), USGov(4), Lit(2)

    IB (place score in parenthesis): N/A
    Senior Year Course Load:

    High school Senior year course load: All APs stated above, but self-studied physics. In econ class, we studied micro 1st semester and macro 2nd.

    Expected college freshman course load: planning to take accelerated math (2nd year if possible), compsci, econ, and writing

    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):N/A

    Minor Awards:
    National AP
    FBLA National qualifier
    DECA Regional Entrepreneurship 4th
    Some high school awards everyone receives

    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
    Church(9-11th grade)
    Chess club(12th grade)
    Key club(10-12th grade)
    Deca(10-12th grade)
    FBLA(12th grade)
    Track&Field(11th grade)
    Sci Olympiad(12th grade)
    I’m considering to participate in Putnam competition, competitive programming, business club, and maybe making an app(if I can learn how to make it). Please recommend some other ECs.

    Job/Work Experience: N/A

    Volunteer/Community service: Did some through church and key club. Around 100 hours I think.

    Summer Activities:
    -Attended FBLA national conference
    -Retaking online Multivariable course since one of the colleges I wish to transfer requires it and doesn’t accept high school credit.
    -Traveling to Korea to meet friends/family

    Essays: I think I poured the most effort and time into last year’s Stanford supplements, yet I’m not a great writer. I think I’ll try to rewrite all my supplements for 2019.

    State (if domestic applicant): WA, greencard holder but I might get a citizenship before applying
    School Type: Public High, State flagship univ
    Race(s) (White, AA, AI/AN, Asian, NH/PI): Unlikeable
    Hispanic (Y/N): N
    Gender: M
    Income Bracket: 200K last year, but I think it’ll decrease this year
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):
    None. Maybe 1.5 generation immigrant?

    edited July 2018
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  • loansharkloanshark 2 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Does anyone know if you're supposed to apply for transfer after completing one year or two? I know Berkeley requires a minimum of 60 units for transfer, but I can't find anything at all showing what Stanford wants.
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  • mjr2013mjr2013 443 replies32 postsRegistered User Member
    @loanshark there is no minimum - they accept sophomore and junior transfers without bias, based on the entirety of the application. The maximum transferrable is 90 units (of the 180 required to graduate).
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  • FaexpopuliFaexpopuli 50 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    If I was rejected last year and also get rejected this year, would I still be able to transfer next year? I heard that colleges don't accept applicants who were rejected twice.
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  • solid_big_boss88solid_big_boss88 4 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Hey guys, so I'm a rising sophomore at a large state school that plans to apply for junior transfer.

    I have a 3.86, but my ACT (which I had taken senior year) is only a 29.

    Should I retake again this year, or is it not worth it? How much of an impact will it have on my application?
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  • mjr2013mjr2013 443 replies32 postsRegistered User Member
    @Faexpopuli My understanding is that Stanford allows a maximum of three applications (freshman, sophomore transfer, junior transfer).

    @solid_big_boss88 For what it's worth, I received a 28 on the ACT in March 2012, and was accepted in May 2017 as a transfer without re-taking it. But that's obviously one case in a sea of many, and I had a lot of things in between those five years, as I was pretty nontraditional. I don't think it will have a huge impact on your application either way, but if you think you can do significantly better and have the resources to try, then why not. But otherwise, don't sweat it.
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  • supaflymcnastysupaflymcnasty 1 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    What are your stats? I’ve never heard of anyone getting in with a 28 :0
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  • mjr2013mjr2013 443 replies32 postsRegistered User Member
    @supaflymcnasty They are posted in both the 2017 and 2018 thread. As we get closer, I'm sure I will post them in this thread.

    2016 is the most recent year that in-depth data is available for transfers, and 20% of the accepted transfers had ACT scores between 24-29. Standardized tests don't mean that much (if anything) when you are three, four, five, twenty years removed from having taken the test.

    https://admission.stanford.edu/apply/selection/profile16.html .
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  • FaexpopuliFaexpopuli 50 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    What if I took it last year?
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  • AlejrzAlejrz 7 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    Hey, my name is Alexis and I’m a super sophomore at a California Community College (CCC)! Here are my stats:

    Academic Stats:

    CC GPA: 3.89

    After these next two semesters I’m hoping it’ll go up to 3.93. So:

    Possible CC GPA: 3.93

    SAT: 1530

    Member of my school's Honors Program, completed 5 classes in Honors and both of my transfer degrees will be Honors degrees

    Classes in honors:

    International Relations (POLSC)
    -I took this work to UC Berkeley and presented “Democracy for Which It Stands: Linking the Flaws within Democratic Systems That Facilitate Destabilization and Terrorism within the Global South.” in May of 2018. This paper will be published next year.

    Political Science Research Methods (POLSC)
    -Project on Political Tribalism, work in progress!

    Ethnicity and Culture in America (SOCIO)
    -Project: “Arab After 9/11”
    Introduction to Western Religions (HUMAN)
    -Project: “A New Age of Spiritualism: Eastern Religion in Western Society”

    World Regional Geography (GEOG)
    -Project: “Boundless: Political Geography in the Age of the Internet”

    - Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society
    - Member of Sigma Chi Eta Honors Society

    Associated Students of Modesto Junior College Vice President 2018-19
    Associated Students of Modesto Junior College Director of Political Development 2017-18
    Associated Students of Modesto Junior College Senator 2016-17
    Member on the Pathways Implementation Team MJC
    -This is a group where I sit alongside our College President’s and VP’s to make decisions for our college according to state policy
    Liaison to the MJC Academic Senate
    2016-2017 Member of the MJC Instruction Council
    MJC Freedom Forum 2016-2019
    Patterson Progressive Alliance
    United Patterson (Education Initiative)
    Keynote Speaker: Hispanic Education Conference 2018
    -One of the 5 Members of the first ever all Latina Executive Council at MJC
    Student Director of the California Pathways Initiative under the Chancellor of CCC’s Office
    Church Involvement, 15 years at Calvary Baptist at youth, college, and women’s groups

    Work Experience:
    2 Years at TEACO Amusements, a traveling carnival company
    2 years of seasonal work for Fantozzi Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze
    2 years at Pilot Flying J’s as a cook and cashier
    1 year working for Josh Harder, a congressional candidate in CA-10, as a field organizer. (after primaries I became a volunteer instead)
    1 year working for my college’s library (current)

    Currently working for the Governor of California as a Board Member on the California Community College’s Board of Governors, deciding policy for California’s Community Colleges. I am the student board member for the next two years. Governor Brown chose me out of hundreds of applicants after many interviews and I was very recently sworn in.

    Volunteer Work:
    Taught English in Bali, Indonesia for a month and a half in the summer of 2017.
    2 College Fundraisers for the MJC Foundation a year
    Voter Registration
    Volunteer for a Congressional Campaign
    Children’s Sunday School

    Possibly notable High School Activities:
    ASB all 4 Years
    Started selling art

    1 honors professor
    My honors director
    (Optional Rec) Dean for my Division

    Certifications & Awards:
    -MJC Leadership Award 2017-18
    -Project LEAD certificate
    -Communication Studies
    - Ethnic Studies
    - First place at the Stanislaus State Art Show
    -Soroptimist Violet Richardson award
    -CETEC Google Entrepreneur Challenge, 2nd Place
    - Faculty Emeritus Scholarship
    - Charles Mullins Memorial Scholarship

    I have no idea how I’m going to fit everything into one application, but I will die trying LOL, a little info about me~

    I came to CCC right after High School and this is my 3rd year. I’m getting my AA-T in Political Science and Geography with certificates in Ethnic Studies and Communications. I have been in leadership for 3 years, 2 of which I spent working on Pathways at my college (California CC’s are undergoing many changes). My experience in this led to me being chosen by Governor Brown to represent 2.1 million college students. I now sit on the Board of Governors. I’m on lots of committees and volunteer. I go to school full time and I usually maintain 1 or 2 jobs outside of that and leadership because I come from a low income background. I am Cherokee (my grandparents lived on a reservation and I have an ID card) and Mexican, my dad came to the US when he was 12. I am not first generation, my mom got her BA, but I’ll be the first to get anything beyond that when I do (which I so will, because I LOVE school)! I want to get my BA in International Relations and Masters in either Security Studies or Democracy Studies and PhD, well I’ll decide when I get there. I love to write and research so I want to do that forever, get involved in public policy, get published, and beyond. I can’t speak another language (my parents didn’t want me learning Spanish because they wanted me to fit in more) but I’m working on Persian. I can't wait to freak out together <3
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