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Which letter of recommendation should I go with? (Stanford)

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Hello all,
Surprise surprise, another student wanting to go to Stanford. Thought I'd shoot my shot. I just turned 19, looking to transfer as a junior. Anyhow, I have 2 very nice letters of recommendation. Both writers know me equally well and both letters bring about the same to the table. The only difference is who wrote them, I can't decide which one would carry the most weight. Both are brilliant individuals so it's giving me a hard time. One of them is a high ranking NASA employee who I have worked with for about 3 years, he went to Purdue, I was an intern and then a project manager. The other letter is from a Stanford alumni, was the project manager of the team that invented Bluetooth, now works as a high-up at Apple. He was my mentor when I first got started working leadership/management positions at clubs in my high school and we are still talk very often.
Any input, whatsoever, would be amazing!

Have an amazing day!!!
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