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2013 Single Choice Early Action applicants thread

ParentOfIvyHopeParentOfIvyHope - Posts: 3,182 Senior Member
edited February 2009 in Stanford University
This is a thread to post stats of the CCers who are going to apply early to Stanford. Copy the following and add the information before posting. It will come handy while posting for the results thread too.

• SAT: CR: , M: , W:
• SAT II: Math II C: , Chemistry: , Physics: , Biology:
• ACT:
• GPA: UW: , W:
• Rank:
• Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): AP/IB [5]:

• Essays: I wrote them in blood.
• Teacher Recs: I decided I didn’t need them.
• Counselor Rec: Do I know this person?
• Supplement Information (Y/N):
• Hook (recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize):

• Location:
• High School Type:
• Ethnicity:
• Gender:
• Applied for Financial Aid:

• Extracurricular:
• Awards:
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Replies to: 2013 Single Choice Early Action applicants thread

  • Oprah!Oprah! Registered User Posts: 647 Member
    • SAT II: Math IIC: 750; Biology: 760; World History: 710
    • ACT: 34
    • GPA: UW: 4.0 , W: 4.86
    • Rank: 1st!!!!!!
    • AP: Calc Ab, Chem, Bio, World Hist, Gov, Psych, Human Geography, Eng Lang, Enviro Sci
    Got a 5 on all of them!!!!

    • Essays: I'm writing one about me being gay....but it won't be trite!
    • Teacher Recs: 1 from my english teacher who's like my mom (ive been to her house and stuff), 1 from my bio teacher who loves me, 1 from my Calc, Diff EQ teacher who really likes me (i think...)
    • Counselor Rec: Do I know this person?
    • Supplement Information (Y/N): Y!
    • Hook (recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): I'm gay....haha jk.

    • Location: Murland
    • High School Type: Pubz
    • Ethnicity: Whitey!
    • Gender: Maley
    • Applied for Financial Aid: duh.

    • Extracurricular:
    * Founder and President of the Junior Statesmen of America; awarded National Chapter of the Month
    * President of Student Advisory Committee
    * Vice President of Future Business Leaders of America
    * State Officer of Maryland FBLA
    * Vice President of Best Buddies
    * Vice President of Maryland Technology Honors Society
    * President of Cure Club
    * Officer on County-Wide Student Council
    * Member of NHS
    * Supporting role in school play
    * I did a lot of community service things, such as volunteering at the Red Cross, the Special Olympics, the Maryland Food Bank, my county's general hospital, and other various things
    * I did 2 research internships (1 on stem cells, 1 on transplantology)
    • Awards:
    I got the Maryland Princeton Book Award and the Maryland Distinguished Scholar Award, am a member of 3 Honors Societies, received 11 intermediate honors awards, got 4 student of the month Awards, went to Harvard Model Congress for the past two years, took a Chinese course at a local college for 8 college credits, and went to the National Student Leadership Conference in Medicine and Healthcare at UC Berkeley.

    good luck everyone!!!
  • ProjectStanfordProjectStanford Registered User Posts: 226 Junior Member
    • SAT (Predicted): CR: 700 , M: 750 , W: 740
    • SAT II: Math II C: 700 (1st time), US Hist: 700 (1st time),
    • GPA: UW: 3.6, W: 4.2
    • Rank: top 5%

    • Essays: Very Unique
    • Teacher Recs: Glowing!
    • Counselor Rec: Very sincere, very good.
    • Supplement Information (Y/N): Y
    • Hook: Opera Singer/Double Varsity Athlete, Published Sociologist

    • Location: New York
    • High School Type: Top 15 in U.S
    • Ethnicity: Iranian/Mexican
    • Gender: Male
    • Applied for Financial Aid: No

    • Extracurricular: Opera Singer, Captain Varsity Soccer, Captain Varsity Tennis, President school honor code, president Model U.N,
    • Awards: Published Sociologist, taking classes at Columbia (working with head of sociology department)
    * Attended Stanford EPGY

    Probably won't get in, everyone is telling me i won't, but i can hope and pray nonetheless!
  • eating foodeating food Registered User Posts: 1,927 Senior Member
    ^ i hope you only slap mexican onto that app
  • ProjectStanfordProjectStanford Registered User Posts: 226 Junior Member
    Why only Mexican? I'm Iranian as well...
  • askabob91askabob91 Registered User Posts: 105 Junior Member
    • SAT II: Math II C: 800, Chemistry: 760, Physics: 790
    • ACT: 36
    • GPA: UW: 4.00, W: N/A
    • Rank: N/A
    • Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): AP/IB [5]: CalculusBC 5, PhysicsB 5, Chemistry 4

    • Essays: Main one is about how I became motivated and how I'm always curious about everything, how I never want to stop learning?? (cheesy)
    • Teacher Recs: One from math teacher who is pretty much my mom, and another from history teacher who loves me.
    • Counselor Rec: Probably going to do one, she respects me a lot.
    • Supplement Information (Y/N): I'm doing the supplement.
    • Hook (recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): Motivation?? I guess..

    • Location: MISSISSIPPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeaaaaaa son)
    • High School Type: Public Magnet/Boarding
    • Ethnicity: Asian Indian
    • Gender: Male
    • Applied for Financial Aid: I will.

    • Extracurricular: Quiz Bowl captain, Science Bowl captain, Varsity soccer, MAO officer, Carnatic violin (I will not be doing the art supplement)
    • Awards: Herbert Hoover Young engineer award, AMC 12 state winner, National Merit Semifinalist (applying for finalist), State science bowl winner

    I interned at the Polymer science department of the University of Southern Mississippi for 7 weeks over the summer (It's one of the top in the nation in Polymer science).
  • sharkbait_hasharkbait_ha Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    • SAT: CR: 630 , M: 770, W: 730
    • SAT II: Math II C: 740 (retaking in nov...just for fun xDD), Chemistry: 760
    • GPA: UW: 3.8~ ish (4.0 w/o freshman year), W: 4.4-4.5
    • Rank: No ranks. I am not in the top 10, but I'm in the top 4% of 608
    • Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): AP - Chem (5), Language (4), Lit, Physics, US Gov, Calc BC

    • Essays: No idea. :D Probably weird.
    • Teacher Recs: Probably two above average ones. Not best in career or anything.
    • Counselor Rec: Should be cute. LOL. or something.
    • Supplement Information (Y/N): ...wha? Yes.
    • Hook (recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): sadly, none.

    • Location: California
    • High School Type: highly rated public school. or we used to be. maybe not anymore.
    • Ethnicity: Japanese American
    • Gender: Female
    • Applied for Financial Aid: Nope.

    • Extracurricular: do you guys really need to know these things? Lots of lacrosse stuff (no camps...not enough money because I'm saving it for college *flail*), church stuff. i've had leadership positions.
    • Awards: nothing too fantastic.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not getting in, but if I'm applying I might as well just do it as soon as possible and get focused on my apps to schools that are more within reach...:)

    good luck everyone! :D
  • tjan91tjan91 Registered User Posts: 746 Member
    Damn, these posts are freaking scary.
    Im applying too, but am too lazy to put up my stats
  • Hippo724Hippo724 Registered User Posts: 897 Member
    Some of these posts scare the **** out of me, others look reasonably similar to mine which makes me feel a bit better.
  • arichjoearichjoe Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    • SAT: CR:770 , M:720 , W:690
    • SAT II: Math II C:800 , Spanish W:730 , Biology M:790
    • ACT: 32
    • GPA: UW: 4.00, W: 4.72
    • Rank: 1
    • Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): AP/IB [5]: Biology 5, Spanish Lang 4

    • Essays: True and meaningful, best I could do.
    • Teacher Recs: I have a good relationship with the teachers, one is science teacher and water polo coach, made me captain.
    • Counselor Rec: Loves me "to death", will write only good things, but may not be overly helpful.
    • Supplement Information (Y/N): N
    • Hook (recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize):N

    • Location: Los Angeles
    • High School Type: Public
    • Ethnicity: Native American
    • Gender: Male
    • Applied for Financial Aid: yes

    • Extracurricular: Boy Scouting, Water Polo, Swimming, Diving, a few clubs and community service, including a collaborative project funded by British Telecom and working with schools in England and Mexico.
    Spent a summer at the high school summer college.
    • Awards: Eagle Scout, NMS commendation, Native American Exceptional Student-Athlete.
  • CI180CI180 Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    • SAT: CR: 800, M: 800, W: 800 (one sitting)
    • SAT II: Math II: 800, Literature: 800, World History: 760
    • ACT: 35
    • GPA: 11.42/12.0
    • Rank: 1
    • Other Tests AP: US History (5), Calculus BC (5), English Language (5), Art History (4), PSAT (240)

    • Essays: Should be excellent, writing is one of my strong points.
    • Teacher Recs: Two social studies teachers who loved me, both are talented rec writers.
    • Counselor Rec: My counselor read part of it out loud to me, it's quite good.
    • Supplement Information (Y/N): No
    • Hook (recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): I...haven't really figured that out yet.

    • Location: Midwest
    • High School Type: Highly regarded private prep school
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian
    • Gender: Male
    • Applied for Financial Aid: Yes

    • Extracurricular: Class President (9-10), Student Government Vice President (12), Technology Club Founder/President (11-12), Math Team (9-12, numerous awards), Thespian Society (9-12, starring roles in multiple productions), I've taken Japanese from a tutor since middle school and I traveled to Japan as a student ambassador during the summer after my sophomore year, Youth in Government...
    • Awards: Cum Laude Society, National Merit Semifinalist, Gold Medal on the National Latin Exam (9, 10, 11), various math awards from competitions (but nothing really worth specifically highlighting)

    There's more, but that's a pretty good summary.
  • GeoffreyChaucerGeoffreyChaucer Registered User Posts: 353 Member
    • SAT: CR: 800, M: 800 , W: 800 (one-sitting)
    • SAT II: World History: 800, Math IIC: 750-790
    • ACT: Never taken, never will
    • GPA: UW: 3.9, W: 4.3 (rounded up a bit)
    • Rank: Pretty good, top coupla percent
    • Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): AP/IB [5]: 5's on AP English Comp and The Histories. 4 on Physics BBBallin.

    • Essays: I think they're pretty good, generally I do well at writing and I really put myself into these.
    • Teacher Recs: Has anyone really said anything but "amazing" about these on CC when they evaluate themselves? I guess that's why the student doesn't write the recommendation on their behalf.
    • Counselor Rec: Should be good.
    • Supplement Information (Y/N): I may be more well rounded than any college cares to know about.
    • Hook (recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): I won six Nobel Prizes in elementary school. The CIA forbids me from telling anyone though.

    • Location: Paradise Lost
    • High School Type: Utopian
    • Ethnicity: Paradise has no ethnicities
    • Gender: Paradise has no genders
    • Applied for Financial Aid: Paradise needs no money

    • Extracurricular: Paradise projects
    • Awards: Paradise Award
  • ProjectStanfordProjectStanford Registered User Posts: 226 Junior Member
    Two perfect SAT scores, one perfect ACT, and only six profiles posted. Very impressive...
  • gundamdgundamd Registered User Posts: 58 Junior Member
    • SAT: CR: 680 (from one sitting) 640 (from other), M: 770 , W: 790 2200 best in one
    • SAT II: Math II C: 800, Chemistry: 770, Physics: 710, Biology: N/A
    • ACT: 35
    • GPA: UW: 3.9 (a bit rounded), W: 4.8
    • Rank: no ranking, but i dindt get ELC so im out of top 4%....
    • Other Tests (AMC, AP, IB): AP/IB [5]: AMC 126, AP Euro 5, Chem 5, Physics B 4, Bio 4, Calc BC 4 (both sections

    • Essays: I have a really good writer helping me so I think they should be good
    • Teacher Recs: 1 ok, one great
    • Counselor Rec: should be great
    • Supplement Information (Y/N):
    • Hook (recruited athlete, legacy, Nobel Prize): n/a

    • Location: CA
    • High School Type: public
    • Ethnicity: chinese
    • Gender: male
    • Applied for Financial Aid: nop

    • Extracurricular: volunteer at medical center (actually doing experiments), science research 3 years, boy scouts, key club, president of 2 clubs, cosmos (summer program), taekwondo,
    • Awards: national merit, 2 2nd place awards in science fair, ap scholar w/ distinction, national honor society, eagle scout, vanderbilt book award
  • lolcats4lolcats4 Registered User Posts: 3,203 Senior Member
    • SAT: CR: 800, M: 770, W: 680 (will retake to bring W to 750+)
    • SAT II: Chemistry: 800, Physics: 800, Literature: 780-800, Math II C: 740-770
    • GPA: UW: 3.86 <- College Class GPA (I'm homeschooled). Straight A's, one C in sophomore year. Taken several honors classes.
    • Rank: 1/1

    • Essays: Should be good haha..writing about my unique ECs and my homeschooling experience
    • Teacher Recs: One from college English professor who loves me, one from college Chemistry professor whose class I owned (highest grade in class, consistently 100%+ on exams, 800 on SATII)
    • Counselor Rec: Parents are doing this...I guess it will be good then!

    • Location: AZ (wonder if that will help lol)
    • High School Type: Homeschool!!
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian
    • Gender: Male
    • Applied for Financial Aid: Yes

    • Extracurricular: Administrator for huge strategy gaming website, heavily involved in game design and in "e-sports" (running tournaments worth up to $6000), Boy Scout Venture Crew (President/VP 4 years), 12 years of Violin (Concertmaster of two Youth Symphonies), Varsity Swim Team (at local high school, 2x Varsity Letter, 2x State Competitor)
    • Awards: National Merit Semi-Finalist (my school doesn't have many awards), Eagle Scout
  • eating foodeating food Registered User Posts: 1,927 Senior Member
    how do you get a C being home schooled? (just out of curiosity)
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