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RD applicants: What will be your reaction?

ScaredAsHellScaredAsHell 232 replies2 threads Junior Member
edited March 2009 in Stanford University
To an Acceptance?


To a Rejection?

For Acceptance-
1)yell really loudly and call people
2) buy a stanford jacket/sweatshirt and when it arrives dance around like a manic with all dignity forgotten.

For Rejection-
1)yell really loudly and not call people
2) buy a stanford jacket/sweatshirt and when it arrives, go and huddle into a small corner with it....................................yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

So, my fellow future victims of the Stanford Slaughter Part 2, what will your reaction be?
edited March 2009
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Replies to: RD applicants: What will be your reaction?

  • eatsaloteatsalot 1438 replies27 threads Senior Member
    this is just depressing thinking about :( these past three months, i wanted the decision to come quicker. now all i can think about is how too soon i am going to become heart-broken. sigh.
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  • basketballbabe13basketballbabe13 1014 replies44 threads Senior Member
    1. scream and cry
    2. scream cry and kill myself.
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  • QuantumArbiterQuantumArbiter 452 replies147 threads- Member
    If accepted:
    1) Not tell anyone and appear calm. There would be a discussion amongst my friends in school about college decisions, and then I'd break it to them in the middle of some silence. Haha, I'd appear such an a**hole that way.

    If rejected:
    1) Used to it. I lose in many things I do by just a hair.
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  • CollgeSeeker1CollgeSeeker1 10 replies0 threads New Member
    If accepted:
    Cry my eyes out in shock!

    If rejected:
    Won't be too surprised. I would just put the letter/email with all my other rejections :(
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  • krwkrw 171 replies7 threads Junior Member
    1. Accepted: I'd refuse to believe that I had been accepted and probably call Stanford to make sure it wasn't a mistake.
    2. Rejected: I'd be sad, but I would get over it.
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  • pvtejasvipvtejasvi 110 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Accepted: I would kiss the floor and run around the house 16 times

    Rejected: I expected it, maybe a little disappointing
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  • Beef SupremeBeef Supreme 198 replies15 threads- Junior Member
    When I got in I screamed to my dad like I had just cut my leg off. If I didn't get in I was planning on burning down trees. Lots and lots of trees.
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  • hookem168hookem168 3022 replies184 threads- Senior Member
    Accepted: tear off my shirt and pants and run down my street in my boxers until i couldn't run anymore. Cry. Scream with glee. Do copious amounts of jumping jacks.

    Rejected: Sulk. Destroy stuff. Especially cute stuff.
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  • angrygoldfishangrygoldfish 283 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Accepted: desecrate my underwear, change, and run around the town screaming.

    Rejected: feel sad for a day or two, despite totally expecting it.
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  • DataBoxDataBox 1630 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Accepted: feel really awesome, slack off for a couple of days, and then move on with life
    Rejected: feel dejected for a couple of days, and then move on with life
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  • blueduckyblueducky 1625 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Accepted: I wrote on CC several days ago that i'd run 5 miles everyday for the next five years of my life lol... and i'm not much a runner anymore. So that says something about the chances of this happening :)

    Rejected: Get on with life. At least I'll know that one part of my heart has died. I'll be glad to finally move on.
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  • wildchartermagewildchartermage 969 replies34 threads Senior Member
    Accepted: Feel happy and stoked that I got into another school along with getting into MIT EA, then fly to california to Stanford's Admit weekend, make choicies on colleges, and then move on with life.

    Rejected: Bummer, but I still have another great school to go to. xD So, i'm not that stressed out as you guys. lol.
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  • hotjava64hotjava64 196 replies6 threads Junior Member
    ditto what hookem said lol
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  • dpattzloverdpattzlover 1119 replies96 threads Senior Member
    Accepted!: Grab my Stanford sweatshirt, run around the street (chanting and perhaps without pants), and call Adrienne Keene (this liaison to Native applicants with whom I've been talking) and thank her so much, the phone call may be followed up with an e-mail. Go to Admit Weekend (just because my parents want me to actually see the school) and talk about how great it is and start filling out the enrollment forms! Then begin an impromptu powwow with my family and neighbors.

    I don't even want to think about rejection. haha.
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  • ab2013ab2013 1674 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Accepted: This won't happen. At all. Never in a million years. Never ever ever ever. EVER. Even after pigs learn to fly. In the remotest chance of remotest chances that acceptance, I'll hit my head against the wall to make sure that I'm sober and awake. If I don't awake from my dream, I'll start crying out of sadness for the 28,000 other people who deserved my acceptance. Wait, it won't happen. Did I mention that already?

    Rejected: YAY! I get a letter from Stanford. Soooo cool. I'll give it a nice shiny frame too and show it to my kids proudly when I'm older. Yep. Because at least I tried.
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  • blueduckyblueducky 1625 replies80 threads Senior Member
    ^, if you truly believed that it won't happen "in a million years", then you wouldn't have applied :P
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  • dpattzloverdpattzlover 1119 replies96 threads Senior Member
    haha, nice blueducky, I found Michigan's post a bit repetitive to be honest. We get that you are not trying to get your hopes up, but do you really have to write an entire paragraph confirming this notion in your mind?
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  • CarnackiCarnacki 152 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Scream, yell, jump in exultation.
    Blush a little, pound my fist into my bed, hope I get accepted elsewhere.
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  • blueduckyblueducky 1625 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Yup, dpattzlover, i agree :)

    I know poeple just say "i won't get in" all the time even when they desperately want to get in and they cherish that small piece of hope that they might. Oh man. I think we're just too old to keep lying to ourselves.


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  • ScaredAsHellScaredAsHell 232 replies2 threads Junior Member
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