2010 AP scores wait thread - closed with mod explanation

<p>Welcome</a> to Facebook</p>

<p>sup nickas??</p>

<p>We have over 100 members already :P</p>

<p>Oh man, I was looking forward to 2000 posts..</p>

<p>What did anakln do?</p>

<p>Where did the name Edna come from?
And I was so excited when I saw someone say that the scores
were up that I leapt up and ran to get my phone...
only to be sorely rejected.
....I really want my scores. Tomorrow for sure?</p>

<p>nothing is for sure hik.</p>

<p>Someone made the name Edna up on the old (-tear-) Waiting for AP scores thread...around 12:40 yesterday.
Since then she's grown to have a Facebook group, several tags, and we've all come to obsess over her and her wondrous oration</p>

<p>I'm still angry that my college doesn't post AP scores, past OR this year, on the website. Of course, just my luck.</p>

<p>I am proud to say I first suggested the name of Edna at 9:36 PST yesterday.</p>

<p>Ok, I need to get off the computer...
Keep posting updates, everyone! We WILL get through this</p>

<p>edna lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in new jersey with 3 cats. she's 5'2" and has brown hair. she likes long walks on the beach and...</p>

<p>^Are you sure? She works for College Board and College Board makes a lot of money out by exploiting high school students everywhere. The only chance of that happening is if she is underpaid.</p>

<p>lets get this back to 116 by tomorrow morning</p>

<p>By today!!!</p>

<p>So, how about them ap scores? What scores are you guys waiting for? And what do you think you got? I am waiting for</p>

<p>Psychology, I think i got a 5
Calculus B/c, I think I got a 4/5
Biology, I think I got a 2/3</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure Edna is a Twihard... Team Edward to be exact...</p>

<p>****, I can't believe they deleted our thread! We were going for a record there!</p>

<p>i wonder if edna saw eclipse at midnight</p>

<p>Of course she saw it at midnight.... in costume. The whole CB did, that's why our scores are late.</p>