A minus in planned major

Undergrad doesn't give a flying rat's ass


<p>I don't believe that I've heard of this expression before.</p>

<p>It shouldn't be detrimental.</p>

<p>Again, was the person posting the thread rude to you? I never see a justification for being rude. It may be annoying to you but that does not give you right to go spout rude things.</p>

<p>^Really so 11 threads of the same question doesn't annoy you and make you want to say something mean? They can use the search feature at least, or be logical and ask it in the correct area or ask their counselor as mentioned before.</p>

<p>@ Wartsandall</p>

Urban dictionary has a definition</p>

<p>Urban</a> Dictionary: Flying rats ass</p>

<p>^^No, it doesn't, because in general I'm a nice person and don't believe everything warrants something mean to be said. </p>

<p>That being said, they could do something more logical, but that's too damn bad. They didn't.
I can't be angry and dwell on what they didn't do; I have to move on and answer based on what they gave me.</p>

<p>Maybe you should reevaluate what ****es you off here.</p>

<p>^I'm sorry you're an arrogant ****, but I guess I shouldn't dwell on that either. What's needed to be reevaluated shouldn't matter to you, you don't have to respond to what I say.</p>

<p>^ True I might be an arrogant prick, but that doesn't change the fact if someone has a question to ask I'm going to do my best to help. </p>

<p>Personally, I detest rudeness, and I don't HAVE to respond, but I respond because I hate rudeness.</p>

<p>Bobtheboy you have officially proved you are a goddamn idiot. That is for COMPUTER SCIENCE, not CHEMISTRY, & it's for GRADUATE ADMISSION, NOT UNDERGRADUATE.</p>

<p>I just shat my pants from laughing at epic failage!</p>

<p>What's wrong with CC these days. This is a new low. ESPECIALLY in the HSL forum.</p>

<p>Thanks for the link!</p>

<p>^This forum isn't typically like that.</p>

<p>^^New low, because of the lowly idiots who post threads repeated several times, in the wrong place, in fear of an A- Reputation...lmfao. </p>

I just shat my pants from laughing at epic failage!


Doubt it, but lol.</p>

<p>^That's the GPA at Stanford Uni, not how Stanford calculates GPAs in admissions.</p>

<p>^^ haha but you gotta admit... that was pretty damn funny.</p>

<p>Why can't everyone just get along...</p>

<p>^ I agree.</p>


<p>^^Because some people's egos are hilariously large, and they can't get over the fact that an A- is ok, so they post it here trying to look like the ****, trying to make a 91 look like a flaw..lmfao.</p>

<p>That's an assumption, while the ego thing could possibly be true. People aren't always trying to make a 91 look like a flaw. If you're that cynical about it, then ok.</p>