Ability to select a roommate in disability housing, returning students

Which schools allow students with accommodation to pull in roommate(s)?

Which schools state students will lose their assigned accommodative housing if the choose to select roommates in the general selection process?

I think this is a question that will have different answers based on the school and the required accommodation. I would discuss your specific situation with the disability office of your college (or of any college you are considering applying to).

Thank you, happy1. I realize it will vary by school. Currently I’m trying to get a sense of how common, or uncommon it is for colleges to allow their students in disability based housing to select roommates.
(Let’s say in an air conditioned building for a basic example. )

Haverford allows all students with approved disabilities to pull in someone to their room or suite.

My experience is that air conditioning is pretty easily accommodated. In my D’s college if a person who required A/C (ex. for asthma or something) was placed in a building without central A/C the college would simply install a window unit in the room – this way there was no issue in terms of the student requiring a specific dorm or rooming with whoever he/she chose. My D’s sophomore roommate required A/C and one was installed in their room by the college. They did not move ahead of the line in terms of room selection due to her roommate’s accommodation and there was no issue with them being roommates.

If it is something that may be more limited such needing as a wheelchair accessible room my guess is that the college would have to be sure that every student who needs such a room is accommodated before a person could pull in a roommate.

Again this is something I would ask each college you are looking at. You can email the Office of Disabilities and/or the Office of Residential Life.

At one Ivy we have experience with, all disabilty students were housed together and had singles, as freshmen, and then were put in wheelchair-accessible rooms even if they weren’t in wheelchairs! However, once past freshman year they could have roommates of their choice. I think this is an important question since segregating kids with disabilities or not letting them have the roommate choice they want, is a form of discrimination that simply replaces the previous forms of discrimination!

I definitely agree it IS a form of discrimination. I understand it is likely done because colleges have a hard time balancing all students needs, combined with a lack of understanding how negatively it can impact the students with accommodations.

I applaud schools that allow students with approved disability housing to ” pull in” friends. Those that don’t allow this end up creating segregation in their housing, and prevent these students from enjoying the same privileges as other students to develop long term friendships with roommates they can choose.