Acceptance Rate

<p>Has anyone found out what the admission rate will be for Fall 2013 (freshmen)? Because usually by now, we've found out.</p>

<p>Don't know admission rate, but number of applicants is published here:</p>

<p>Admissions</a> see a rise in minority applicants | The Daily</p>

<p>So that means acceptance rate goes down then...</p>

<p>they got the yield they wanted last year, so my guess is that they'll accept 15,460 or around that again. which means about a 50% accept rate.</p>

<p>i thought they needed more students this year? to balance out budget cuts</p>

<p>that would be great if they needed more students; although i thought having more students just adds to their expenses? although i suppose that would be covered in tuition money.</p>

<p>more students -> larger class sizes -> lower cost per student</p>

<p>UW aims for an admissions rate of 50-60%
I would be cautious to make sure the statistics you are reading apply to the specific campus you are applying to, and not just the UW school system.</p>

<p>The bothell Campus for instance has an acceptance rate around 85%.</p>

<p>Seattle had an acceptance rate of 59%, with another 9% getting wait-listed in 2012. 2013 will obviously be different, due to the jump in applicants.</p>

<p>So, on a curios note - any word on acceptance rate? I was talking to an admissions rep (friend of mine) apparently, she says that the OOS was "slightly" competitive this year vs. IS, but if you are competitive in IS, you are competitive in OOS. Though, she is not part of the actual committee looking over applications. I would assume there should be a general number by now?</p>

<p>this is our license to start freaking out, right?</p>

<p>i forgot that the admissions office is going to reopen tomorrow morning to questions, so they might release a number then.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm freaking out....</p>

<p>I honestly dunno...when I asked her, "is it a good thing?" her response was very simple, if you know your essays were strong and had an appealing story you could go far. And in regards to the admissions office, it opened up March 4th (which was today, or is still today in PST!). Ironically, I am a WA resident applying as an I had moved earlier in 2012, and it takes 12 full months to become a WA resident according to UW. I see it either going two ways...they keep the acceptance rate as last year or slightly decrease it, or increase it because of the massive applications. But you never know until someone gets some real figures!</p>

<p>They probably slightly decrease it. On another note, which year does everyone think the acceptance rate will finally drop to below 50%?</p>

<p>sooooo... has UW released a number yet? or are they going to not release a number?</p>