Accepted - Stats, Celebrations, Discussions!

<p>^ Nope - MA got us.</p>

<p>Got my Honors College acceptance some time in December. Then got an email this past weekend and I was offered the Presidential Scholarship of $4,750/year. Here are my stats:</p>

<p>Gender: F
Location: South Carolina
College Class Year: 2016
High School: Public
High School Type: sends many grads to top schools
Will apply for financial aid: Yes</p>


<p>GPA - Unweighted: 3.80
GPA - Weighted: 5.10
Class Rank: top 10%
Class Size: 95</p>


<p>SAT I Math: 590
SAT I Critical Reading: 680
SAT I Writing: 640
ACT: 30
SAT II Literature: 700
SAT II U.S. History: 730</p>


<p>Significant Extracurriculars: Student Council
Student Ambassador
Paid intern for one of my state representatives</p>

<p>Leadership positions: Senior Hall Executive</p>

<p>Athletic Status:
Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Softball</p>

<p>Volunteer/Service Work:
Regular volunteer at Allen Temple Soup Kitchen
God's Storehouse
Harvest Hope Food Bank
Youth Action Council
CATS (Connecting Arts Through Service) - Volunteer at Children's Museum</p>

<p>Honors and Awards: National Achievement Finalist
Nominated for Presidential Scholars in the Arts
2012 YoungArts Finalist- Level I Award Recipient ($3000)
State Academic Achievement Award
Questbridge College Prep Scholarship</p>

<p>College Summer programs: University of Notre Dame Seminar for African-American Scholars</p>

<p>CofC was really just a safety school but it was nice to check another school off a long list.</p>

<p>NRE and Stanford- were those 9k awards for in-state or out-of-state?</p>

<p>Does CofC have any full ride scholarships and, if they do, when do they announce those?</p>

<p>We are in Massachusetts. D's $9K consisted of a $500 "Presidential" and and $8500 CofC Academic Scholarship, thus dashing my plans to move to South Carolina and have her go for almost free. :D</p>


<p>My son (also in MA) got the $500 "Presidential" and $8500 CofC Academic Scholarship. I am confused and have 3 questions:
1. Is this just for 2012/2013 or for all 4 years, how do we tell?
2. What do we do to accept the award?
3. Will this affect our FAFSA?</p>

<p>My D's award email said</p>

<p>"Your scholarships have a total value of $36,000 over four (4) years ($9,000 a year)".</p>

<p>There were instructions in the email on how to accept, and you have until May 1. So unless you are positive he will go there, there is no rush to accept.</p>

<p>As for FAFSA-based aid, I'm sure it will have an impact. As a public school, I doubt CofC has great need-based aid. If they were going to meet your full need based on FAFSA, they would certainly subtract the merit award from that.</p>