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Thank you so much for the detailed and thoughtful answer. Somehow I missed that web page about the art opportunities, which was also helpful. At the time I wrote here, I also wrote two Kenyon studio art professors, and they also responded promptly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. This is so helpful. My daughter will be going to the Kenyon overnight visit in two weeks, and I think that will help her figure out the right path, too.</p>


<p>Perfect! An overnight visit is a great idea. She'll be able to see the campus again and get a good feel for it. Also, I'm glad that you were able to talk to a few professors. They know a lot more than I do. If you still want my email, I'd be happy to give it to you. She can shoot me a message and I'll meet with her when she comes to campus if she wants.
Glad we could help

<p>Cool! She may well want to do that. She or I will private message you for your email address if she's up for more info before then. I appreciate it.</p>

<p>Hi Kenyon tour guide, </p>

<p>I had another question as I prep for next semester. What are the must take classes? WHo are the must have professors?</p>


<p>That all depends on what you are interested in. I can confidently say that there is a "must-take" class in every department. Also, fyi you will not register until the fall when you come to campus so you have plenty of time. I would love to fill you in on some of the favorite classes for first years if you tell me what you might be interested in.

<p>I am interested in studying anthropology/sociology, probably cultural. I am also interested in taking classes in history, international relations and agriculture.</p>


<p>I got your question. I'm going to talk to my friend who is an anth major and she is interested in a lot of what you listed. I've heard her talk about a professor so I'll get the name from her. I've heard that the 100 level anth classes are really popular. I've had multiple friends take an anth class for diversification (etc) and they are now majors in it. I believe that it is quickly becoming one of the most popular majors on campus. Another one of my good friends is a history major so I'll talk to her too. I also have a couple international studies majors on my team, so I'll have a chat with them too. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Are you for sure coming to Kenyon?

<p>Yup, I'm coming to Kenyon. Sending the deposit check in a week.</p>

<p>I am enrolling at Kenyon and am trying to choose my housing. Can you give me some information on freshman housing and tell me what you think the best options are?</p>


<p>Professor Suggs in the Anth department is very popular. I've heard that his classes fill up really quickly and everyone I know who has had him loves him. All three 100 level anth classes (biological, cultural, and archeological) are very popular. I would look through this page to see which would interest you the most (Anthropology</a> - Academics - Kenyon College).
Your interests tell me that you would be interested in our integrated program in the humane studies (IPHS). It is an interdisciplinary program and the year long intro is another favorite among students (Integrated</a> Program in the Humane Studies - Academics - Kenyon College).
Let me know if you have any more questions

This is from a previous post:</p>

<p>First of all, congratulations! We are excited to have you! As far as the freshman dorms go, there are a few key differences that will help you make that decision. Norton, Lewis, and Gund are the three dorm buildings on the freshman quad. Norton and Lewis are identical buildings. They have large doubles and a couple triples and a couple singles(but not many). These rooms have linoleum floors (so not carpet), non-movable furniture, A/C and heating is determined by maintenance (not controlled by you), and they are single-sex by hall. Gund is very unique. It was designed with 5-foot high dividers down the center of each room. This creates a space for each room mate. It is not for everyone, but most people love it. The rooms are big and, like Lewis and Norton, there are linoleum floors, non-movable furniture, single-sex by hall, and the A/C and heating is controlled by maintenance.
The two dorms across the street are McBride and Mather. These are also identical. McBride is all freshman, and Mather has a mix of freshmen and sophomores. They have singles, doubles, and triples. They are single-sex by room only (so boys live next to girls, etc), fully carpeted, A/C and heating is controlled in your room, and a bit smaller rooms. The thing about the rooms in McBride and Mather is that they are oddly shaped. The architect wanted to create little neighborhood communities in each hall, so the halls are twisty (for lack of a better word). This creates oblong room shapes. You could luck out and get a very large room or you could get a pretty small room.
Having said all of that, I want to tell you that there really isn't a bad choice. They all have their pros and cons. Each building is unique and you really must think about what you prefer. I lived in McBride and I have one of those tiny rooms. I loved it though.
If you want, you can tell me a bit about what you want/like and I'll try to tell you which would be best for you based on what I know.
Good luck!

<p>Professor Suggs is the best!! I absolutely adored him, but Professor Hardy was also phenomenal. I took him for Anth of Food -- it was a delicious course!</p>

<p>As for residence halls, my screenname says it all. When I went to Kenyon, you couldn't choose your residence hall but you could choose the level of co-ed and that's how you could get around that.</p>

<p>Gund is co-ed by floor
Lewis and Norton are co-ed by hall
McBride and Mather are co-ed by room</p>

<p>Gund is a place where you bond heavily, like all the residence halls. I remember being worried about them being co-ed by floor and the divider, but everyone still hung out together, more so I would say than in Lewis or Norton. There's lots of hall unity in Lewis and Norton buildings, but in Gund, everyone from every hall and both floors were always together in each other's rooms and the common spaces. I think that's also true of McBride and Mather.</p>

<p>I've been told they changed the thing and you can request a specific dorm now.</p>

<p>You can request a specific dorm, but you might not get it. My child requested McBride, but got Gund. He heard lots of "stuff" about which was the party dorm (McBride), which had the socially awkward kids (Gund), etc. He wasn't very happy with where he ended up. Flash forward - He absolutely loves living in Gund. He loves his roommate and spends lots of time in his dorm as well as the other buildings. He's very socially active with a large group of friends.</p>

<p>My best advice would be to fill out the roommate survey honestly and completely. Most of the people he knows (including he and his roommate) had very good matches made. He roomed with someone who was a total stranger, but Kenyon matched them up and they had lots in common and are great friends now. But again - be honest. I think Kenyon did a really great job of that and in the end, that's probably what's more important.</p>

<p>For what it's worth: Gund is a great place to live. His room is large, you're on the freshman quad, and the "divider" does actually give you a little privacy (if you want it.) Also tons of storage space.</p>

<p>Good luck -</p>

<p>Hi, Kenyontourguide. I want a fairly large double room with quiet environment. If Kenyon has really hot summer, I also want air-conditioned room. If not, it's okay for me to live without air conditioner. Besides, I love to have beautiful natural environment outside my window. Could you please tell me which house you think would best fit the above requirement?? Thanks so much for your help.</p>

<p>What are "reading days" that are shown on the college calendar? Are those days that the college is closed (like a vacation) or are they quiet study days?</p>

<p>Katie Long,</p>

<p>Alright if you value a quiet environment then I recommend Norton or Lewis. The other dorms are quiet, but it can be variable. Of course, Norton and Lewis aren't always quiet (honestly no where is) but they are definitely the quietest. The rooms are also pretty big and they are laid out well. The rooms are square and regular shaped so that is also a plus. None of the buildings on the freshman quad (Lewis, Norton, and Gund) have A/C but you really shouldn't worry about it at all. The A/C in McBride and Mather is nice but it is not going to make it that much cooler. You also really don't need it. I am a fall athlete so I get here in the middle of August and it is bearable. It is def. hot and humid for a bit but just bring a fan and you'll be fine. The rooms all have huge windows so its not too bad at all.
As far as natural environment, it just depends on what room you have/what floor you are on/which direction you are facing.
Good luck and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
Welcome to Kenyon!


<p>Reading days are just designated study days. In October, the reading days are just a break in the middle of the semester. Most people stay on campus (I don't know anyone who has ever left but I'm sure some people take the opportunity to dart to Columbus or somewhere close). As for the other reading days (in December and May), they are just study breaks before exams (i.e. no classes or exams on those days).
Let me know if you think of any more questions!

<p>i recently sent in a deposit to kenyon. now i think i regret my decision and wish i'd sent it to harvey mudd instead. kenyon seems too theater/english (which i am not interested in at all) and cold and snowy and boring. harvey mudd had amazing, challenging math/sci class, profs, research opportunities. I got waitlisted at a couple ivies; I've been borderline top tier my whole life. I feel like Kenyon isn't going to be intellectually stimulating enough. I really like smart people...i'm afraid I won't find any really brilliant ones at Kenyon. sorry if this sounds harsh. I just wish I could feel better about my decision. or have more concrete feelings about it either way..right now i'm just so uncertain</p>

<p>which one is better? Lewis Or Norton</p>