Accepted to UCSC

I got accepted into UC Santa Cruz and I’m going to major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as undergraduate. Since I feel like I won’t know anyone that’ll attend the next academic year, I will be alone pretty much of my time there, but I am planning to join clubs to keep my hands busy and keep up with my hobbies. I chose College Eight, Ten, Nine, Oakes, and Kreges as my top five and I want co-ed dorms. Anyone up for a roommate? You gotta be a tidy person, quiet and love music (sorry no rock). I like trap, Japanese trap, kpop, Japanese hiphop, Rap, pop, and country. I play a lot of sports too. So if you need players on a team ask me I’ll play…doesnt mean im that good. I play tennis in general though. Since it’s college I wanna be able to be on top of my game so yeah…hmu.

@ChowderLee Hey there! Accepted to UCSC as well and will be attending if UCI doesn’t accept me off of their waitlist. :slight_smile:

That’s great. I put UCI as one of my choices but sadly they regretted my admission. lol

Just got accepted as well. Does anyone know where you can see to what major you got accepted to? My accepted thing is very generic i want to make sure i was accepted to my major not just the campus. (Computer Engineering)

Did you get a letter in the mail? Check your UCSC portal?