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My daughter tested ACT in October 2020-ACT still has not sent her results to the schools we requested-thy of course said they did. I paid for this to be done again in November, still nothing. Her dual credit class was to start today but without her scores she can’t. The results are posted on ACT but the college has to have an original transcript. I have called, emled even had the school call act. They refuse to talk to anyone but me and tell me they were sent but if i want to pay again i can!

Are you positive the code for the college was correct when you requested the ACT be sent? Check that.

yup!! Of the 3 schools I asked it to be sent to one got it!

Are you sure the codes for the other two schools are correct??

yes-it was verified many times
i tried to get a hold of a manager at ACT and from what i can tell there is no way
the CS agent said for me to have the school call them, they did and then refused to talk to the school stating "if you are not the parent we will not talk with you!

Some colleges will take scores from the high school as “official”. Can you ask HS to send?

This is from another post about ACT problems. A good amount of people tweeted @ Janet Godwin and/or emailed her and she responded with solutions.

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act hasn’t sent her results to her HS! That is one of the schools we requested receive the results

thank you so much! i will reach out

This is what happens to a company under enormous financial strain with a bleak future. They are likely understaffed and updates to the software/systems are not being done.

The problem began (as far as I know) with a failed newly designed website that they put into use in the middle of the summer, just as the backlog of 6 months of students who hadn’t been able to take the test all needed to register. Stupidest idea ever. It’s only gotten worse since then - no customer service response at all usually, and if a delayed response ever comes, the response doesn’t address the issue. I finally got my refund by having the credit card claw it back.

We still have not received a refund from a cancelled test in April 2020 after countless emails, calls and form completion. The customer service is awful!

I gave up, called my credit card for a claw back. They didn’t even say they’d reach out to the ACT. They put me on hold for a couple of minutes, then issued the refund, and said it was finalized. So clearly, the credit card companies know what is going on with the ACT at this point.

My son couldn’t get into his account over the summer. I found the easiest and fastest way was to message them on Facebook, response was very quick and helpful.

Yeah, we found that (other than emailing the CEO, which didn’t solve the problem but at least we got a response), FB messaging DID get a response. Lie after lie after lie of “okay, now we REALLY are processing your refund, we promise you this time we REALLY are doing it”, but of course they never did.

Thankfully, I was able to get him a test seat, and he was able to get his scores sent out to his schools. It was only a little matter of probably a hundred hours or more of frustrating battles with their non-functional website, and non-existent customer service.

Again, what about the kid who didn’t have a parent who could make getting their kid access to the ACT, the scores, and the reports a full time job?

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I’ve had 3 kids in college so far, never called the schools for any reason, had my kids handle everything. They signed up for testing, sent score to colleges, submitted applications… I gave up with the ACT, my son had online school, work soccer - he started trying to contact them, but couldn’t, so I took over (I have more free time). I just happened to see a post on Facebook.

Thanks for everyone’s’ help. I sent messages via FB and contacted the CEO per your advice. Finally got my issues fixed, 3 months and MANY hours and $ later. Such a joke, why do we put up with this? if testing like this for college admission is gonna continue there needs to be multiple groups that provide the testing so parents have options and can go to the group that gets the job done! Like many of you said our kids our lucky to have parents wth the time to jack with this…many do not! Complete BS is what this was!

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@tsiemensthere are already two tests…ACT and SAT.

Glad you got your issue solved. What was their explanation? What had happened.