Admissions Notification Dates 2019

Hamilton March 15 8pm

@KatiHunt Hamilton is March 20 and has been for a while. I just checked and S19’s portal still has 3/20.

Question - Will the final cost information align with the decision dates?

Middlebury - 3/23 (See article in Middlebury Campus)

Bowdoin - “mid to late March”

Any date for UC ??

UGA 3.15

Northeastern is April 1

College of the Holy Cross is 3/16

@forbros1207 Northeastern is by April 1st but usually comes out before historically

UCSB is confirmed to begin releasing decisions on March 19th

USC is by April 1st and usually comes out around March 20th

Duke is confirmed for April 1. Boston University is March 23

Bates is April 1

Haverford target date is March 15

MIT - March 14th 6:28PM EST

UC Berkeley:March 28, 2019

Claremont McKenna confirmed March 22 shortly after 8pm EST

oh nice! thanks

Can any one say me for Carleton, Macalester, Mount Holyoke, NW, Oxy, Pitzer, Skidmore, Uniersity of Richmond, University of St. Thomas, and Wellesley?

We got a notice saying that my son would receive a decision from Carnegie Mellon March 25th, (so not April 15th…)