Advice, Deferred--Acceptance?

<p>I was deferred and then accepted last year, and now I'm a proud member of Brown '12 :D</p>

<p>Like the OP, I felt like I didn't have any chance of getting accepted after I was deferred, so imagine my surprise in the spring :)</p>

<p>And I didn't send in any supplemental information... I didn't contact Brown in any way after my deferral.</p>

<p>Also, kids from my high school traditionally hardly ever get into Brown, but my year, three other kids that I know of were also accepted RD.</p>

<p>I just sent out my additional rec + update yesterday. I'm hoping it doesn't get thrown away because they think it's for ED or something. I did title the envelope with "ED (DEFERRED)" on it so I hope I'm safe.</p>

<p>We should just go all start our OWN school and hope Brown assimilates it.</p>

<p>great idea dudboi!</p>

<p>does anybody out there know how many ED deferees got in RD at Brown last year? I am looking at the numbers and wondering about the chances...</p>

<p>hey do we just send in our extra letters to the brown admissions address?</p>

<p>I think you're way late. I figured that a deferred ED applicant I was now a RD applicant, and so all those deadlines applied to me, meaning that I sent my extra info in before Jan. 1</p>

<p>My understanding is that so long as the mid-year report hasn't been sent, the file is open for new information.</p>

<p>i don't believe we're way late.
i contacted my admissions officer, and asked her. and she just told me to send in stuff. didn't mention anything about being too late. however, if you're doing it. i would suggest doing it now. after mid feb, it probably begins to get late.</p>

<p>It must be very hard to get deferred, I am sure it must feel very strange. You dont get the euphoria of being accepted or the numb feeling of being rejected. You are just in the middle. All of you guys have amazing references and I would be sure you would get accepted. Then again we dont know why you got deferred. One thing that I am sure made it harder on all of you is the fact that you know of other people who applied to Brown in your school. When I applied to Brown no one else applied to Brown from my school. I whole lot of people applied to MIT, Harvard, Duke, and University of Chicago; but no one to Brown. I hope that helped me a bit when I got accepted. Unfortunately, you dont know what the admission's reasons for your deferral. I dont know if that would be great, but at least that could help you a bit.</p>

<p>lol is that suppose to be comforting? Heh, kidding.</p>

<p>Thanks for the sympathies.</p>

It might sound arrogant, but I would be shocked if I was outright rejected.


<p>I know what you mean, but with over 25 000 applications and roughly only 2500 offered acceptances get ready to be shocked. </p>

<p>People accepted by Harvard, Yale or Princeton get rejected from Brown and any possible combination of rejection/acceptance is possible.</p>

<p>i used to tell myself that about brown also, but now with the 25000 applicants, my dreams are basically crushed. even if i think i should get in, there's a likely chance that i won't. not because i'm unqualified, but because there are too many qualified kids. seriously, there are. it's not like brown is going to raise their class size. sure, if i was born any other year, i might have been accepted, but this is life. and i was born in 1991 and am part of the epic class of 2009. </p>

<p>the only thing that's hard to live with it, is when i look at the decisions thread on here. the difference between the kids who were accepted versus the kids who were deferred early decision is almost nothing. there are some crazy amazing kids in the deferred pile, who deserve every bit to be a part of the admit pile. but what can you do...</p>

<p>i know a girl locally whose parents paid over 1,000 dollars to get her essay edited by the princeton review. she has a lower gpa and sat score than me. and i've taken twice as many ap courses as her over my high school career. but brown accepted her early decision and deferred me. you're probably thinking that i'm being selfish by assuming she wasn't qualified. but i'm not. she's a nice girl, she'll be happy at brown. i have to live with that inside, and it's hard. but i'm beginning to move on.</p>

<p>ilovepeople712, I hear you.</p>

<p>People like us, we move on, but we never forget.</p>

<p>BUT, we're not bitter, and probably do stupid things like donate to Boldly Brown because we believe in the principles that it stands for, even if we don't reap the fruits.</p>

<p>wow... 1000 dollars. Ehh... life is hard</p>

<p>ilovepeople: the thing you said about being born in any other year, it's so true!</p>

<p>There are so many people who are our age (weird how it works that way) and if we had been born 5 years earlier or later, we would not have to be this worried, because there would just be less people applying and therefore we would have a lot better chance.</p>

<p>sometimes i think about the people who applied in like the 20s and stuff, they had it freakin easy!!</p>

<p>reading this thread depressed me like you wouldn't believe.
guys, i wish you all the best of the best of luck.</p>

<p>i'm just praying for transfer now.</p>

<p>Gah zeke I've been having the same thoughts since frustrating!!</p>

<p>yea, 1000 dollars.
can you believe it? her parents are extremely wealthy, go figure.
but who does that just to have his or her essay reviewed...have admissions really turned into this?</p>

<p>i know a kid from my school who is known for cheating (i.e. selling tests, using his brother's stuff, etc)...</p>

<p>...was accepted to yale early action.</p>

<p>like i said in my last post, what can you do?
you can only be the best you.</p>

<p>i know people who cheat and get into hyp. they aren't stupid people who cheat b/c they need it, they are just smart people who are obsessed with maintaining a 100 average and appearing godly to teachers who idolize them... but i am sickened by these people. especially when these...people... get into good schools and i'm rejected. i guess the lesson is that people do whatever they can to get ahead in life, and the system is designed to let those who can get away with it rise to the top of the hierarchy</p>

<p>yea, you're right. they're obviously not stupid cheaters, i mean they know their way around things. this kid is INTELLIGENT. yes, purely based on intelligence sure he deserves to go to yale, but come on. cheating for four years in high school? completely manipulating the system?</p>