Aid that isn't Need-Based

I’m looking for suggestions for any aid that isn’t need-based. I attempted Merit-Based but naturally, they look for the brightest and smartest, which obviously I don’t fall into or else I wouldn’t be asking for assistance lol. Now I’m not saying I’m not good enough it is just they ask for the most ridiculous requirements but that is a whole different rant for another day.

I need scholarships or aids that do not take in consideration assets, both parental or personal assets.

Tell us why a college would want to have you as one of their students.

Well, I’m one of the few students that think outside the box and always reads between the lines. I take the unusual path to get things done but end up succeeding anyway. Plus, I always speak the truth and not sugar glaze things. On top of that, what college doesn’t want a student that can make a name for themselves? I know how to lead and how to avoid and deflect problems should they arise. I also have experience in real-world politics since I served for my school district’s Board of Education.


Maybe sell the expensive cars and use the money for college costs??

I hate to say this…but if your parents can afford to buy you a $70,000 car, why aren’t they helping you with all your college costs?

How much will your parents pay for you annually to attend college.

There is absolutely NO WAY anyone here can help you without knowing your GPA, and SAT or ACT score. Merit aid is based on those criteria usually first and foremost. So…what are your stats?

Are you currently a HS senior?

Wait-- didn’t your parents buy you TWO expensive cars? The cost of these cars is the full COA for one year at many schools (and yes I know you said the second car is financed. That’s not the point). And, you are not a rising freshman. You are already in college. VERY hard to find scholarships for existing college students. So look into the scholarships where you have to write essays or make a prom outfit out of duct tape or for left handers or who are members of kiwanis or what have you. But even with these, the amount you could possibly get is not going to make much of a dent in a big tuition bill.
Perhaps you are pulling our leg again.

This OP seems to fit the profile of a bored high school student.

And let’s not forget that upon buying his expensive car, he said he would be $100,000 in debt coming out of college.

How about ROTC…assuming you get accepted to that.

Or if you are interested in the military, enlist. When you get done, you will have the GI bill to use.

No stats or income related info needed.

Or…take a leave from your college. Get a full time job at UPS, Chick Filet or Starbucks. Plan to continue working as they offer tuition benefits to their employees

There are non-need scholarships out there, but they require some type of talent. Athletic scholarships, music, art, eagle scout, some type of computer skill or science competition. There are leadership scholarships which probably require an essay. There are scholarships for students going into certain fields. My credit union gives one to business students.

One of my s’s friends won half a million $ on Big Brother. Maybe you could enter that or another reality show.

This poster has stated he is s rising college sophomore. Most scholarships are for incoming freshmen. He isn’t one.


“Avoid and deflect problems”? Sounds like you know how to dodge responsibility and shift blame to others. And that would make colleges want to throw money at you because…?

I just glanced at OP’s thread on whether or not he should replace his 2017 Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design that has 19k miles on it, and one page of that thread is more than enough. OP doesn’t need any advice on non-traditional financial aid because a) he probably won’t actually absorb any advice tossed his way, and b) it sure sounds like he’s not in danger of running out of money for college expenses.

Alright, to address everyone’s questions I’ll just make a blanket comment:

  1. It is true I am a rising Sophomore.
  2. Yes, I did state I'll most likely finance 100k to finish my degree off.
  3. However, I asked for non-need based aid because my cousin managed to score some sort of scholarship/grant or something to finance half of his tuition. As much as I am all for the banks, it would be nice not to have that much debt on hand to make way for future purchases.
  4. FAFSA screwed me out a little because it raised my EFC for my sophomore year. I tried to get my financial aid office to give me more but either they're being stingy or I just don't have the right approach to them. I tried explaining to them that running two European vehicles aren't exactly cheap which I believe heavily shows that I need the aid to offset the tuition cost if possible.
  5. Well as for stats here they are: HS GPA: 3.78 College GPA: 2.8 ACT: 21 SAT: 1060 I didn't do so hot in my first year of college due to a myriad of reasons but primarily it was because what I thought would work in fact didn't work so that was a bit of a misadventure.
  6. I thought about working at chick fil a for that or McDonalds but I just can't because I find it quite embarrassing to arrive at a McDonalds in a shiny new XC90 and hop out in an McD uniform. I am applying for other jobs though in more white collar areas so at least my car won't stand out like a sore thumb.

I appreciate everyone’s assistance. Even with the sly sarcastic comments, I appreciate those as well lol. You gotta embrace the small things in life.

  1. So ask your cousin where he "scored" that big scholarship!
  2. FAFSA is based on your/your parents' tax filing. FAFSA didn't "screw you a little". So either you had a sibling that's no longer in school or your parent's tax returns showed a higher income or maybe (someone with this info off the top of your head please chime in) the income protection amount might have changed this year. Who knows. But no, they didn't screw you. You /your parents bought a car you can't afford. You screwed yourself.
  3. If you think they are going to give you more FA because you bought and have to pay for an expensive car, (and maintain 2 of them)I have a bridge to sell you. That really made me truly LOL.
  4. Don't know where you attend school, but those grades/test scores are not competitive for any scholarships. But you know that.
  5. Sell one of the cars and pay for college. Its worth more in the long run than the car.
  6. I still think this whole story is not believable.

That last post by OP put me firmly in the “this is a bored high schooler” camp.


This is a joke, right?

Well, I know my stats aren’t competitive. That’s why I had financing ready to go in the instance the school’s financial aid department decided to be stingy. I can handle loaning the amount but if other routes were available, I would wish to pursue them you know. Student loans wreck your credit score balance which in turn makes it harder to finance future loans. I mean, people get scholarships for being left-handed or get a high enough score on SAT/ACT, why can’t people also get scholarships for having a nice car or quite talented at debate (which I am cause I did win a state championship).

Also, somebody suggested that I sell my cars, but what would I drive if I sell them both?

Wow, just wow. @skieurope, please shut down this thread AND this pretend poster. He can then go flying off to never never land at 100 miles per hour, but will have his fancy radar to avoid a ticket.