Alaska Schools!?

Hi everyone!
I have six schools that I have narrowed my search to.
The two I’m looking at in Alaska are:
-The university of Alaska, anchorage
-the university of Alaska, Fairbanks.

I’ve heard that Fairbanks is way prettier? That the anchorage campus is awkwardly placed in a suburb next to woods full of homeless people??
Any info about the campus and dorms/safety would be great!!

My other colleges are:
-Boise state
-Lewis and Clark
-Oregon state
-Baylor University

If anyone has opinions on any of these schools, I would LOVE to hear them!!! Some of the bigger deciding factors for me are dorms, private bathrooms, community (I like smaller schools), and location (I like to be near water, forests, - not an urban setting)
Thanks!! :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about the schools you have mentioned -sorry. I am posting to mention Berry College in Georgia.
It has the worlds largest campus (in acreage) . A huge nature preserve. I know you already have a list -I just thought I would throw that out there.

I don’t know much about Alaska schools either. UAF is the state flagship, so it might have better academics For location, look at the satellite view of the area. UAA is a larger campus in a larger city, but there are still some parks bordering the campus and larger green spaces a few miles away. No idea if homeless people live there. If you’re from a large city both are going to feel small but Fairbanks is definitely smaller. There’s also the weather, things to do in the city, apartment costs if you plan on moving off-campus after a few years, and travel time if you plan on going home often. Anchorage has milder weather, more things to do by most people’s standards, not sure on cost, and is probably a shorter trip home. I know some students at UAF used to live in dry cabins (no running water), but have no idea if that is sitll common. Obviously there are dorms and “normal” apartments there, but I have no idea what rent/utilities cost there versus Anchorage.

I didn’t find much on college confidential, but there are a few threads below. There are also some on other websites, especially one that starts with R and rhymes with “red it” There are forums on that site for alaska, anchorage, fairbanks, UAA, and UAF, some are used more than others.

I would avoid University of Alaska Fairbanks. Boyfriend went for a semester (grad school) and hated it. The city is run down and dirty. You will pay through the nose for everything. Its not the great Alaskan experience of beautiful nature that a lot of people think of. People are very unfriendly and dry cabins are extremely common. I don’t know anything about dorms but if you want to move off campus eventually, expect to pay 2,000 for a decent apartment. Campus wasn’t layout well. If you have a choice, don’t go to Fairbanks.

I know nothing about these schools, but based on what you say you like, I suggest you check out Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. About 15K undergraduate students in a beautiful natural setting between the mountains and the sea. Outdoor recreation opportunities abound.

If you live in a western state, you might also be eligible for a WUE scholarship which would bring tuition down to in state rates.

All the Alaska schools are VERY weak. UAF is probably the biggest academic pushover of a flagship in the United States.

Seconding Western Washington.

Look into Sewanee (they actually own the mountain the campus is on), Whitman, both if you have good stats (3.7 GPA, 28+ ACT) , College of the Atlantic if you like cold weather, University of Minnesota Duluth, University of Wisconsin Superior.

Do you live in Alaska?

They only accept Kodiak bears as students, you will have a hard time getting in.