Amazon Prime Days July 15 & 16 2019

If you’re a Prime member, spend $10 at Whole Foods and get a $10 certificate for Prime Days. (Have to scan your bar code.) I think the offer is still going.

We are looking for 2 iPad airs, 2019 version. Will likely buy them at Costco, but am waiting to see if there are any prime offers.

In the past, there has been a promo code for books. You didn’t have to be a Prime member to use the promo code.
Other online retailers now piggy back on Prime Day. I will be seeking them out. Last year Eddie Bauer had 50% off everything on Prime Day.

Eddie Bauer 50% off days aren’t that uncommon.

Target is supposed to have something to compete with Prime Day.

It’ll be like Christmas in July with the retailers all trying to get a piece of the action. :slight_smile:

DS1 is working with his dad to get a new laptop and iPhone.

I read there will be a lot of Amazon’s own products on sale… I’m hoping to snag one of those under-the-seat carry-on suitcases on sale.

Do we agree to use this thread to post any good deals we see? Agree if you agree!

I also will look at rugs. Last year my D got a couple of nice 5 x 7 rugs for her apartment. I could replace a couple 8 x 10 rugs in the house.–slid—refurbished+apple-e-product-
If looking for Apple products I have had great luck and the products are basically new. Most are just returned and like never used. Also same full warranty so really nothing to lose. FYI for comparison.

My past Prime buys were 2 Bose noise canceling headphones (impulse buy, but they were so cheap and work great!) and Li ion battery powered leaf blower by Greenworks (AMAZING!!!). Oh, and the Instapot and a bag of cat litter deeply discounted (but dang only one bag was offfered!). Not sure what I need and if I need anything…

Levono X1 carbon notebook with 16 g ram I7. Been seeing this at Costco but every time I go to buy it, it’s sold out.

We already have everything we want by now- scored discounts from various sources over time. Been there, done that so often.

Don’t forget to look at the Tech Bargains website for a good take on deals from Amazon and elsewhere.

I don’t need anything but my H is looking for a beard trimmer and a wine opener.

Will be watching for a new wireless router. I have the $10 Whole Foods credit and another $25 or so in gift cards

The Amazon firestick is really cheap. We use them on all our tvs and cut the cable cord. FYI

My daughter has an old Kindle, which she says is “fine”, but I’d love to get her a new one.

FYI - We are returning our second Fire 4k stick. We bought the first Fire 4k stick a month ago, and immediately had weird glitches. I attempted to return the stick, and was directed to Chat instead of the usual return sequence. Amazon sent a new stick and told me to not return the first stick, but “do what I wanted” with the old one, which I thought was odd. The new stick caused the picture to become dim, and we have asked for a refund. This time there was no chat option, but we were directed to call or email. In the past we owned the original model fire stick, and then the box. We had no problems, but wanted to upgrade.

I don’t have any 4k tvs and the regular sticks works great

“Fire 4K stick”? “4K tv”? I am feeling so old and so out! ?

I need a new vacuum cleaner.

Got a Dyson “ball” vacuum or something like that at Costco and while back. It’s awesome!. If it’s on sale grab it