American University MT vs. Muhlenberg

<p>Yahoo. My D will also be attending AU as a MT major. She loved it from her 1st visit, and for all the reasons mentioned above. We're all thrilled about it. Maybe we will meet at an upcoming event. KellyLJ1 and khanum, congratulations on American!</p>

<p>YAY! I have been checking back to see if your family had made your decision, himself. Congratulations to you and your family! I know we were all relieved when the decision was finally made and my D gets more and more excited every day. Hopefully, we will all get a chance to meet in the future.</p>

<p>Himself, my D and khanum's D have connected on Facebook. Send me a private message, if your D would be interested in "meeting" my D on Facebook as well and I will pass along her name.</p>

<p>This is so exciting! If you, or any of your children, have any questions about the program as they prepare to start in the fall, please don't hesitate to contact me! And if it's more convenient for them to friend me on Facebook, that is more than ok as well. We had our exit interviews today, so I'm feeling the love for AU even more than usual.</p>

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I just saw this thread and am wondering if any of you are still on CC. My D is a rising senior so we are just starting our college search. American is on our list to visit, believe we are going in July. Can you provide any updates on how your children like/liked AU for MT?? Thank you so much!!

@Joyfulmama sorry I just saw this! Haven’t been on CC in ages, but just checked back in today. Yes, our 3 daughters are now Seniors at AU (himself317, khanum and mine) and have had a wonderful run. They are all great friends and have been regularly cast. Two of our daughters have studied abroad. The other girls are MT, but mine is a straight acting major and so she chose to have a double major. They will all 3 graduate in May. Did your D end up applying to American?

My daughter is very interested in AU and has an audition for music theatre in February. She’s applied regular decision and wants to double major in international affairs and MT. Does anyone know whether she’ll find out about admissions to the music theatre program separately from regular admission? Also, does anyone have any information about scholarship opportunities for music theatre students?

@KellyLJ1 My son is looking at AMU as a tansfer - he is in an MT program at a small conservatory and realizes he really wants a college experience, not just training. are any of the 3 kids you are discussing pursuing a stage career, and have they discussed prospects/alumni success with you? AMU doesn’t advertise its alumni like some other schools do. any info would be very helpful.