Amherst vs Williams vs Bowdoin vs Middlebury

All amazing school. Middlebury is great for languages and Williams has great English and Amherst has great political science. All of the schools are top for virtually almost everything. Pick the school based on the people you like the most and programs you are interested in. If you want a LAC near a city (none of these are) Haverford is also a terrific option that is top of the top. You will be so lucky to attend any of those schools. All the best!

When really getting to their differences, Williams seems to art/English focused (I am not interested at all in those fields), Amherst is unappealing due to its proximity to so many other colleges yet ruralness. Haverford is actually 15 minutes away from me, so I’m not as inclined to go there. @rman0070

And physics, math, econ…

@CrewDad I was referencing their especially strong English department as well as art focus since the only thing in town really is an art museum