Any Questions about UCSD?

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<li><p>Since you are probably pre-med, human bio is one of those majors that many people major in, but hate because it is so competitive. You have to take classes like bio, chem, physics and math with atleast 300 people in each lecture so its really informal and competitive. Don't worry if you don't like the major, try it out first (you take all GEs first for your college anyways) and you can always switch. </p></li>
<li><p>I like Sixth College and I have quite a few friends from there. From what I have heard, they have a bomb orientation with this thing called Play Fair, that no other college has because they are a new college and they have more money. It is probably going to renamed soon, possibilities include Da Vinci College or Martin Luther King College...iono. Um.. it's a college that emphasizes arts and computing hence students have to take a 3 course sequence of CAT (Culture, Art and Technology) classes. This is their writing course; heard the stuff is pretty interesting. Sixth has pretty fair GE's. The location is pretty good too because it's close to Price Center. Nicknamed as Camp Snoopy, the residential halls are more like cabin buildings with 2 floors, 60 girls and 60 guys and each gender either lives on the top or the bottom. The layout of sixths encourages lots of interaction because its kind of like a square with a courtyard in the middle so people always see each other. Their dining hall, Foodworx, is pretty small and is a mix of a dining hall and market. There is no indoor seating, so it may get cold sometimes and can be quite small. They have the best personal pizzas and pretty good wraps and sandwiches. hope this helps :D</p></li>

<li>How's the political science program? I know UCSD is all about science, but does that mean us non science people will be pushed aside with bad departments?</li>
<li>How's food for vegetarian people?</li>
<li>Is it possible to get a single dorm in ERC? I already submitted my housing thing. </li>

<p>thanks for answering our questions! :)</p>

i'm a political science/int'l relations major, and the poli sci program i believe ranks as number 7 in the nation. (the number is tentative but it is among the top ten). and the classes/professors are great. so no, you will not be pushed aside because you aren't a science major.</p>

1. It's ranked pretty high. UCSD isn't all about science, it's just that our science programs get a lot of attention because they're so highly ranked and whatnot.
2. There's a vegetarian option for every breakfast/lunch/dinner at cafeteria halls. Plus you can basically ask for anything you want without meat (salads, wraps, sandwiches, etc).
3. Yes, it is. Here's the ERC res hall floorplan. UC</a> San Diego Housing - Roosevelt College</p>

<p>awesome! :) thanks paradise and xpenguin</p>

2. There is always a vegetarian selection at all the Dining Halls so you don't need to worry. There are daily menus at each dining hall so there will those foods there all the time. There is always a salad bar and a sandwich/wrap (best at Sixth's Foodworx) /pasta (best at Marshall's OVT) station at most places. There is also this place called the Foo Co-op that I believe serves vegetarian food.<br>
3. Yes, it is. The layout of the reshalls in the ERC permits 1 person to live in a single. You will have a high chance of getting it because you submitted your housing app early! Check it out: UC</a> San Diego Housing - Roosevelt College</p>

<p>What classical languages are offered at UCSD? I'm not really an auditory learner and would prefer to take an older language that incorporates more reading and writing than speaking to satisfy my foreign language requirements but am having trouble finding listings on the ucsd website.</p>

<p>The Languages I know of are: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese. Students may have difficulty finding upper-division
courses in the study of American Sign Language, Arabic,
Armenian, French, German, Hindi, Korean, Persian/
Farsi, Tagalog, and Vietnamese cultures.</p>

<p>Paradise: Oh! You're part of the Greek system? Wonderful. I do actually have interest in it, but I wondering how affordable is it to be a part of a sorority? When I told my dad about my interest, he kind of blew up because he doesn't believe that we'll have any money for that.
I'm also glad to hear about the political science program as I'm pretty committed to declaring that as my major (originally I applied as Undeclared Social Sciences).</p>

<p>Clark: I heard about the GEs mostly, and OVT. Didn't know about Marshallpalooza! That sounds so fun. :)
Do you know anything about the dorms? Are they Co-Ed?
Is it better to have a triple or single (I found out it's mostly comprised of triples and singles)?
What are some unique qualities about TMC?</p>

<p>@objection: I'm not a Marshall Student, but I will tell you what I know. The res halls have many floors with suites in them. The suites are single-sex so there are never co-ed dorms/suite. However, the floors are co-ed so there will be guy and girl suites on the same floor. They are really close to OVT too and theres a good study lounge right below it, but there is always some guy playing piano in there when you try to study at night!!
If you like being by yourself and having some privacy, I would suggest a single, but if you are down to meet new people and pay less, you should a triple. The flaws of a triple are that you have roommates who may have different study/sleeping habits and there may be conflicts. You also need to set guidelines like who is bringing the microwave, fridge, etc. The triples may be a bit crowded as well, but if you get along with your roommates then it's all good. If you submit the housing form now, you might even be able to get a double!
Unique qualities ... umm they finally won the Unolympics finally last year! lol Btw, unolypmics is a competition between all the colleges where freshmen have to dance and compete in various activities. Um..hard to party there because they have an RA schedule and they actually stick to it. Got caught a few times....... so don't party there lol. O yeah, they have Goodys which is a good burrito places (like Chipotle) thats open until 1am so its a good midnight snack place. There's also a market down there. Also, extremely close to RIMAC arena (gym and recreational purposes).</p>

<p>Clark: Sounds awesome! Thanks. I sent my housing application yesterday when I received my admit, but I didn't see any option for choosing room types. I'm assuming that for the housing contract? But what if we receive housing we don't like? Ex. someone who has a single would rather opt for a double?</p>

Generally speaking, dues will probably be cheaper here than at many other campuses because we don't have houses. Although i don't know the exact cost for each sorority, it is affordable. Most, if not all, chapters offer some sort of a payment plan.
If rushing as a first year puts too much of a financial strain on you and your parents, many second and third years rush. (My rush class was mostly second and third years.)
I'd recommend going to the greek info sessions and bloc party events, which are free and requires no commitment, to learn more about the greek system in general and meet some girls from various chapters.</p>

<p>I dont think you can change your housing after they assign it to you because that would mean they need to change the other peoples housing. You turned in your housing app early so Im pretty sure you will get what you want. I do know that if you don't like your roommate, you can complain and they will switch you the next quarter.</p>

<p>Do you know what the cost is for a single and the cost for a double?
I'm not sure which i'd rather have..</p>

<p>let me google that for you.... just kidding</p>

<p>UC</a> San Diego Housing Rates and Services</p>

<li>Residence Hall Housing rates for 2009/10</li>

<p>$10,591 Single Room
$9,791 Double Room
$9,041 Triple Room
* Apartment Housing rates for 2009/10</p>

<p>$10,270 Single Room
$9,470 Double Room
$8,720 Triple Room</p>

<p>a word of advice. do the housing contract right now. i delayed cause i was waiting for other colleges and got stuck in a triple even though i wanted a double. i wouldn't really worry about the cost, just do what you feel more comfortable. i felt like i made more friends cause i lived in a triple, but i still would've had a good time with my suitemates had i lived in a single.</p>

<p>^ haha sorry i forgot about google.
i sent in the housing app thing but it never asked me whether i wanted a single, double, or triple O.o</p>

<p>@ iownchopsticks</p>

<p>the actual housing contract where you can request roommates and what room you want to live in doesn't come out until later. The form you just sent in was to put you at the top of the list for priority to pick when it is time.</p>

<p>1) Is it better to have a double or triple in terms of dorm life experience?</p>

<p>2) How often do students go to the beach? (haha)</p>

<p>3) How hard is it to find a job on campus as a freshman?</p>

<p>^1. Triples and doubles are essentially the same thing since you're in a suite with a bunch of people anyway.</p>

<li><p>You can go to the beach and much as you want!</p></li>
<li><p>I don't know about this one. I haven't looked for a job yet.</p></li>


<li><p>I lived in a double and it was pretty nice. Keep in mind that a triple is basically the space of a double, but altered to fit three people by putting one more bunk bed and an extra desk/closet.</p></li>
<li><p>I go all the time. It's really pretty especially the cliffs and relatively close (behind Revelle/Muir). I remember there was a beach day at LaJolla shores for the whole school and we had free lunch, bags, waterbottles, etc and free surfing and kayaking lessons!! But you can always make time to go as a stress reliever, but don't go alone at night! </p></li>
<li><p>No, go to Port Triton and they have many job openings. It would be great if you had work study.</p></li>