Anyone else excited about becoming a senior

<p>pretty excited, a little sad definitely ready to move on.</p>

What do u play? What ur show?


I'm not positive on what our actual theme is, but the music we are using are the two Eric Whitacre pieces, October and Equus. I'm still not sure how they're going to work on the field, but I'll be conducting backfield anyway.</p>

<p>bow down to the DM:D</p>

<p>yeah very excited. it's okay if you have to leave your friends behind. you'll keep in contact with most, and maybe even some for a life time.</p>

<p>yay! junior year is over! no more academics (for the most part)! Gonna plan to do my own stuff and mainly goof off and work on projects.</p>

<p>^^^ Not course load is harder this year, and that includes Yearbook. Yearbook is actually a lot of work.</p>

<p>But yay for graduating!!!</p>

<p>And my friends and I are going to be friends forever lol!!!!!</p>



<p>u to? all friends taking EASY classes.</p>

<p>What do u have?</p>

<p>I have </p>

<p>AP Spanish 5</p>

<p>AP English</p>

<p>AP American gov/econ</p>


<p>DE Humn A&P</p>


<p>Marching Band</p>

<p>thinking about AP US

<p>Yes, I'm ecstatic that it's senior year because it will all be over soon. I wish we could just fast forward to second semester... that's where all the fun/blowing off begins.</p>

<p>My classes next year... still 6 APs like last year, but somehow it feels like it's going to be easier. I don't know why what with college apps and all. Eng Lit, CalcBC, Physics C, Euro, Gov/Eco, Art Hist, and an internship program during the day too. And a job. But yay!</p>

<p>I'm excited about leaving though (hopefully I'm leaving, and not just going to the big state school). Meeting new people - :D</p>

<p>A lot of people talk about junior year as their hardest year, but all my hard classes are senior year! However, I'm still very excited for it... it's going to be sad and happy at the same time if you know what I mean.</p>

<p>lol same here. Im taking my hardest schedule next yr with 6 aps. But also theres second semester to relax</p>

<p>Im taking an easyy schedule. I know how to enjoy life :P
Only 3 APs :D</p>

<p>Second semester of senior year is a time to relax, party, enjoy your friends, and give enough effort to your school work that your admissions won't be rescinded. Have a great time, guys :).</p>

<p>While my courseload will be easier, I'm probably getting a job... I was looking foward to having a lot of free time, but I do need the money.</p>

<p>I've signed up for (but its not confirmed yet):</p>

<p>AP Calc BC</p>

<p>AP Stat</p>

<p>AP Bio</p>

<p>AP Literature</p>


<p>AP Psychology </p>

<p>Definitally harder than this year!!!</p>