Ap Bio or Ap Chem or AP Physics

<p>Don't take Bio! It's the same everywhere; tons and tons and tons of memorization and busywork. Well, if you're into that kind of thing... memorization is personally my weakest skill. </p>

<p>Personally, I think Chem would be really fun! I might take AP Chem next year... concurrently with AP Physics and then I could tell you which was better. Except it'd be too late. So just take Chem.</p>

<p>You obviously don't know what you're talking about because AP Bio is NOT EASY. You don't just read the textbook. The textbook is a bunch of facts. Not only do you have to absorb the facts, you have to understand processes. It's not an easy course. Not to mention, reading the textbook takes hours. AP Chem is the easiest.</p>

<p>I wish that people would learn to post on forums...for the record, uh, this thread is a year old.</p>

<p>But since this is a common topic, it may have some relevance, so I won't unleash the pokemons on you. Just this once.</p>

<p>(Btw, I'd go with physics)</p>

<p>I am taking AP Physics C: Mechanics right now. It's a tough class. It's calculus based so you need to know about derivative and integration. There are formulas and concepts you have to know. A problem on a test can be really broad, requiring you to combine knowledge that you learn from the chapter.</p>

<p>Any experience on E&M ?? I am thinking about taking it next year. I am taking Bio now and I think AP Bio goes deeper than Bio. From what I've heard AP Bio is the hardest since there are a lot of terms, concepts, and memorization. If you are good at those things, go for it.</p>

<p>ap bio is hard, but its fun (well in my expirience)</p>

<p>ap chem is dumb..all those symbols and stuff</p>

<p>ap physics is basically calculus lawl (i think)</p>

<p>Guys, how do I post? Until then I will post here, sorry…
I am currently a 10th grade student…going to 11th, now that my P.E. slot has opened up I do not know what class to take. These are so far the classes I am planning to take in my Junior year:</p>

<p>Korean 4-IB
AP-US History
AP-Calculus AB
English 3-H
________<— What class? AP BIOLOGY? AP PYSCH? I really do not know and need help, advice…
I was thinking of taking Ap bio, but people tell me that, it is like taking away your own life(I agree, I’ve seen the Ap Bio material)…and people say my schedule looks tough enough and a free period should fit in there(which I disagree to)</p>

<p>I am currently a soph, and is taking:
Korean 3
Ap-Art History
English 2-H</p>

<p>and practically is getting A’s in all of those classes listed above…except last semester…I screwed up my math by not doing homework ;DD</p>

<p>btw I am willing to wreck myself for junior year, need to make up my GPA average because of my laziness in 1st semester soph year.</p>