AP credits

<p>the units that don't go toward a GE, or give you credit for any specific course, will give you unassigned units that count towards class standing and graduation.
you won't need/use them for graduation, but they DO come in handy for getting sophomore standing after only a quarter or so at UCLA. because class standing = pecking order for class scheduling. so maybe AP french won't get you anything great (although, in the college of letters/sciences it will get you out of your language requirement), but it'll help make you a sophomore faster.
...there's really not much worse than having freshman standing and no priority enrollment. and a bad appointment time. it just sucks xD</p>

<p>Thank you Liyana---if the APs give you credit for courses, then I am assuming it frees you up to take other classes-and not have the AP credits affect your course load cap--correct??</p>

<p>How many credits do you need to reach sophmore standing?</p>

<p>45 /* 10c */</p>

<p>they'll give you a chart at orientation that outlines this stuff pretty clearly.</p>

<p>AP credits don't affect your unit cap. your new unit cap will be (regular unit cap) + (AP units entered with). so, say you add 20 units to the cap. they won't count against you, but if you wanted to graduate early, they would help get you TO the cap that much faster.</p>

<p>ty liyana179</p>