AP Statistics v. APES? Other options? Senior Schedule Troubles

Hi all! I’m currently struggling to decide between AP Statistics and APES or a few other classes for my senior year schedule and would like advice. For reference, my past classes have been:
Freshman Year: H English, H Integrated 2, H Biology, Spanish 1, PE, Health/CCP
Sophomore Year: H English, H Integrated 3, AP Chemistry, Spanish 2, PE, Photography, H World History
Junior Year: AP Lang, H Pre-Calc, AP Biology, Spanish 3, AP Seminar, APUSH

For senior year, my planned schedule is currently:
AP Lit, AP Calc BC, AP Spanish, AP Research, Gov/Econ, (APES, or AP Stats, or AP Photo, or ASB)

I think that I would enjoy stats more as a class, but I don’t know if it’s worth giving up a fourth year of science. I look to major in either business or a pre-med, and would like advice for which to take. AP Photography and a student body class are offered as well, which would be more fun for senior year as well, as options.

I look to attend one of the UC schools, UCLA as a dream school but also possibly irvine, or san diego, something of that style.

Thank you!

You should take some level of physics.

Concur with @momofsenior1. If the UC’s are your target schools, then they like to see Biology/Chemistry and Physics for your science classes. It does have to be AP or even Honors.

Agree with others that physics is probably the answer.

Agree on Physics.

And AP Photography is not a thing. Unless your school has some relationship with Associated Press.

And what we’re saying, beyond physics, is that neither stats nor APES will have the same impact. The latter two are not cores. Nor photog (except as an art credit. There are some high schools which offer an AP photog class.)

Be sure you’re speaking with your GC about these choices and that your stats put you in line for one of the UCs.

I agree, physics is your best option. Goodluck!

Physics regular, Honors, or AP1 would be the best choice.
If you want to take AP Photo then you should swap out AP research.

I agree with everyone else: Honors or AP Physics