***AP US History Thread - 2016-2017***

I’m also going into AP/DC U.S. History myself this upcoming school year as a junior (although I’m kind of conflicted about whether to take the AP or DC option). My summer assignment for the class is to write two book reports (students choose the books off of two lists–fiction and nonfiction). It’s due this Friday and I still have six pages to go. :(( I’m sort of nervous for this class because of the enormous amount of material covered in just a few short months…

Hi, I got a 5 on the exam, so I’m somewhat credible to help out. Here’s my horrible advise to get a 5 on APUSH that worked for me:

Step 1: Cram every Adam Norris video you can find on AP US History, including the ones in the descriptions of his videos and the Key Concepts

Step 2: Cross your fingers and get lucky that the Exam was as easy as the 2016 Exam

Haha don’t do that. I didn’t even look at the textbook given to me nor did I do the AMSCO work. But to be honest, Adam Norris taught me everything I needed to know and helped me prepare for the Free Response (I was able to make the connections he stressed in his videos such as Washington’s Farewell Address and American Imperialism). Adam Norris will make any confusing topic easy to understand and fun to learn!

@“the schooliest” Yikes… my essay isn’t due until the first day of school. I’m kinda nervous too, but at least my class is a year long versus a normal semester like most classes at my school. And what is DC?

Hey, I got a five on the exam and here’s my advice :slight_smile: :
Start preparing for the AP Exam around spring break. Make sure you practice at least one long essay and DBQ before the exam. It really helps to look at the FRQ’s from the past to know what the AP free response has been on. This could give you an idea of what to study for. Take a few practice tests and have confidence in yourself and you’ll do great. Just that and hope to death your essays are out of the twentieth century like ours were. Good luck!

Another 5 on the exam here! I would recommend Adam Norris as well. I also read through essentially the entire textbook (Out of Many) and took notes on it on Quizlet, but Adam Norris was my saving grace for knowledge overall. For the essays, if you did well on World, you can do well on U.S. I had great teachers for both, so that always helps! Best of luck to you all!

@silverhawk5 Thanks! Are your quizlet notes public? If so, can I get a link?

No; they’re not public, to my knowledge.
Honestly, the textbook was really only helpful for the reading quizzes in class.

Try maddydem on Quizlet…that’s what I used

I don’t have any summer homework but I will be reading a few history books just to give me a backround

@FutureGirlPres Same here. I think I might start watching some crash course before school starts to have a basic understanding of the first few topics at least.

Hello APUSHers! I took APUSH junior year, got an A in the class and a 5 on the exam. I LOVE us history, so if anyone has any questions or wants some advice, please feel free to PM me!

I got a 5 on apush and self studied only for a few weeks…check out my threads if you want to know how i did it

My history teacher last year also recommended Ethel Wood, so what makes her books so amazing?

I’m taking US History at a local college, and I was wondering if I should take the APUSH exam to show to colleges what I know. I’m already very familiar with the new format of the MC, SAQ’s, LEQ, and DBQ, because I took AP Euro. Colleges vary per where you live but AP exams are standardized. So that’s why I was wondering if it would validate my college course to take the exam. Also some colleges accept the AP credit but not the credit from the college.

I’m a bit late to this but hey I’m taking APUSH as a junior next year. It shouldn’t be too hard cause I have already taken a couple APs last year (Bio and Calc BC) and most of the students are sophomores. I would have taken it last year but my old school had us take another US History class before APUSH

@ZealousScholar I’m probably not the right person to be asking this to, but I personally would recommend taking the APUSH exam, assuming you can afford it- it doesn’t hurt to try and you don’t have much to lose. If you do well, you may be able to put those credits earned to good use at certain colleges.

@shanemg.11 Thanks for the advice. Money is not an issue so most likely I’ll take the exam. I’ve heard that AMSCO APUSH is the best book. Is that true?

@ZealousScholar I’m not sure, as I have not yet taken the course- I will be this year. Many people have recommended the book though and I will most likely be using it, since my school actually supplies the book.

Hey guys! I’m taking APUSH this year, and I’m already stressed with all the summer homework. -_-
I’m already predicting that Tom Richey will save my grade once again.

@cliffnotes What was your summer hw