Is it bad for your college appliaction if you take AP Lang in Junior Year and the LA IV Hnrs in Senior Year?
In Senior Year besides AP Literature right now (planning to change and move down to Language Arts IV Hnrs because of how hard AP Literature is) I am also taking AP Biology, AP Calculus BC, APUSH, French II and Photography this year.

Are you applying as an English major? If not, it’s fine not to take AP English Lit, as long as you’re still challenging yourself in courses related to your major (like STEM.)

If you’ve already submitted any of your applications, you’ll need to contact the Admissions Office and let them know that you’ve made a change to your senior year course schedule, AND submit an updated transcript.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

Course rigor is an important factor and spans a continuum. I’m always hesitant to say one course doesn’t make a difference because if one course makes no difference then so does two, because twice nothing is still nothing. The three. Etc - and course rigor has no impact.

But there are varying increments and I think that going from four AP to three is relatively small. If you’ve already taken a few in previous years, you’re close to the point (7? 8?) that more no longer matter.

As noted above, it will be more or less impactful based on your intended major. My D is looking at Computer Science and will have 8+ APs, so I have zero concern that she also plans to go from AP Lang to Honors BritLit instead of AP Lit. A student applying as an English major to a Top Liberal Arts school with 2-3 APs would be a bit of a different story.