Are mixed race students discriminated against?

You are what you are. Don’t be so paranoid.

So you’re not German with an Indian (immigrant) parent, you’re Indian with one German (immigrant) parent, and not a citizen. Are you attending school in the US or in India?
The term btw is biracial.

It sounds to me like you’re trying to figure out how to game the system and want to check off the most advantageous box without any concern for honesty.

I find that irritating, but I recognize that some people do it.

Perhaps for more unusual combinations. Some combinations like black+white are seen as fairly common and not that unusual.

One of my recommenders flat out discussed my race in a rec. I really wouldn’t lie for any reason because you could hurt yourself. And of course the ethics.

You seem like the type of person who would get the questions about the “auhor’s mood” wrong every time on the SAT. Far be it from me to be dishonest to the law, however wrong the law may be.

I don’t even know what “auhor’s mood” is.

what “law” would that be?
I’m guessing the same that requires Americans to have their ethnic background stated on their “federal ID cards” (I’m quoting a previous post of Op’s).

OP has said she is a permanent resident, implied she’s living in the US, seems interested in HYPMS- and is currently a sophomore. She has a long way to go, to understand what the elites really look for and assess her chances. I just have a feeling something is off in the picture, in the dribs and drabs she has presented . She should be researching what the colleges themselves say, not getting certain details wrong. Attitude matters, as does the level one is informed.

Race =/= Ethnicity.

Nope, I was replying in a general sense here.

You’re right, but what’s wrong with getting multiple opinions? Since every entity has its own agenda, I’d be a fool to take only one source of advice. I am a “dribs and drabs” person. ↓

Why didn’t you just write “race != ethnicity”?