Are my ecs really horrible?

<p>Your ECs are not that great, but I doubt that it's going to have an adverse effect on your application. Write a lively essay and avoid being stereotyped at all costs.</p>

<p>Mention your problems tactfully. Don't just say "Because of adverse circumstances..I couldn't participate in more activities." A good choice would be to somehow bring these things up in your essay. </p>

<p>Also, for the SAT in China question, there's no SAT in mainland China but it's administered in Hong Kong. Chinese students are also officially exempt from taking the SAT, although most do anyway.</p>

<p>I had less dedicated and fewer ECs than you, and no hooks. Write a stellar essay and you have a shot. Don't be beaten into thinking that your resume isn't acceptable - it is.
As for being from China - well, Harvard reportedly only took 8 from China this year. Don't know about other schools, but it's certainly more difficult.
Your chances are 0%, however, if you don't apply.
Good luck.</p>

<p>I'm working on my essays, just need some people to edit them, hopefully they'll come out really good. I serious don't see how I'll be compared to the other international students, haha. I mean, AP vs. ??? .....I read somewhere that the highest scorer in the college entrance exam in China (which everyone takes) got rejected by all of the top 10-ish colleges he applied to in the US, and he's in like a lot of influential clubs too. It's weird how admissions work. Hopefully I'll get lucky.</p>