Are there less available openings for those applying to college now?

Many current college freshman have chosen to take gap years or chosen to defer due to the pandemic. So instead of starting this fall, they will be starting next fall. Won’t this decrease the number of openings for the high school seniors who are applying to college now?

I hadn’t thought of this, but good point. Now I’m going to start stressing about it lol.

Who knows? Right now, it’s just a big apocalyptic mess. A lot is going to happen between now and Fall 2021. I’m thinking either zombies or aliens.

With the economy on it’s knees, fewer kids will be able to afford college. This is potentially a major setback in terms of leveling the playing field, but for those who can afford it - or are willing to take on debt - there will be a seat somewhere. Tippy tops with enormous endowments will still be as competitive as ever.

I think this year’s applicants are going to apply to more colleges than in the past. This will be in part because of the fear that 2020’s deferrals take up 2021 spots, but also because test-optional opens up possibilities of getting in colleges where low scores would have got them eliminated in the first round in pre-pandemic times. Belt tightening by both colleges and families makes financial aid even more neccessary, but less likely. So applicants must cast a wider net to find affordability.

So if applicants, who can only attend one college at a time, apply to more colleges, then to fill their class, colleges may have to accept more students. Or encourage kids to apply ED.

Anything could happen. Plan accordingly, applicants.