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I cannot imagine being less mature would be great for college athletics.

A specific caution with college or dual enrollment courses while in high school (home school or otherwise) is that medical schools will include those courses and grades when calculating GPA for medical school application purposes (similar with law schools). This can be nice if the high school student earns all A or A+ grades in these college or dual enrollment courses, but not so good if s/he earns lower grades.

^^^ Definitely true. Be especially aware of science courses at the cc if heading pre-med because many med schools prefer seeing those at the 4 year school. 'Tis better to stick with AP. Even within the high school where I work those thinking of pre-med are warned about cc science courses - and the fact that ALL college courses count toward a med school GPA.

In order to complete the Clearinghouse registration, she has to have an ACT or an SAT. I think it is ‘school code’ 9999.

If she graduates, the first class she takes as a college student starts the eligibility clock running, and she’ll have 5 years to play 4. If she graduates and starts college at 16, when she’s 18 and a junior, two years of eligibility will be gone. Some coaches may not want an 18 year old who has only limited eligibility left and no experience playing at the college level. Also, where would she play for 2 years? Does she play club?

Don’t do that. Have her remain a high school student, go to community college (and it may be free in your state if she’s still in high school), and then apply to college as a freshmen with 60 transfer credits when she is 18. She’d then have 5 full years of eligibility and can play when she’s a grad student too. She’d also still be eligible for high school sports.

IMO, there are very, very few 16 year olds who are mature enough, physically or mentally, to play college sports. College soccer is grueling. Applying as a freshman/18 year old is a better option.

This thread shows the value of examining many angles before leaping to decisions.

Also consider that a strong 15 year old female soccer player is, alas, quite common. Our babysitter was identified by D1 teams by age 15. She later played professionally in Europe with teams with 15 year old players. Girl’s soccer is extraordinarily competitive and is selecting from a world wide pool.

like lookingfoward stated, i came in here with a simple question but came out knowing i really need to look into this more. She is just a kid who enjoys her life but wanted to get away from the drama she had in middle school. she saw someone she knew of in texas do this and she wanted to do the same thing. This girl ended up going to the women’s world cup in Canada. I wont say she is the next mia hamm but she does work hard. But again i think we now have some work to do.

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My niece is a freshman on a Div 1soccer team. Many of the girls on her club team verbally committed by the end of sophomore year.
My youngest hated the drama of HS and wanted to leave at the end of 10th grade. She took the HS exit exam and passed. She wanted to go to the community college. We weren’t in favor and as a compromise she enrolled in a dual enrollment program through our HS district. It was part home schooled portion with a meeting with a teacher once a week and as many CC classes as she wanted. The beauty was she got out of the HS environment but the entry to CC was supported. She also after those 2 years graduated HS and was able to go to a four year school at 18 as a freshman with a good number of college credits. If merit aid is important it is much better to apply as a freshman.