As a full pay parent, did you still require your student to apply for scholarships?

I told my college student (with full tuition) the same. If she finds any other scholarships that she can apply to her room/board (which we pay), she can have half.


However, be careful about assuming that all AP scores will help reduce the number of tuition paying semesters in college, since they may not be accepted for enough subject credit to allow completing degree requirements in fewer semesters.

As @ucbalumnus indicated, AP exemptions aren’t always practical. My son intends to go to grad school for Physical Therapy(DPT). Advisors at his university make it very clear…you need THESE specific classes to appear on your transcript to be a competitive candidate for a doctoral program. They advise not to test out of the classes that his AP scores would allow.

Yep, we got lucky with our older son and he received credit for almost all his AP classes. Kid number two won’t get nearly as much given the school he’s chosen. Still, for us, AP classes (which he wanted to take anyway) vs extra scholarship applications made for a more relaxing household!


Older kid got credit for classes that weren’t major specific and he was happy it allowed him to get to classes he was excited about earlier and also add a second major. I agree it doesn’t work for everyone, but my kids also do not enjoy essay writing, so even credit for a couple classes was better than nagging about scholarship applications in our house.

It’s not the right plan for everyone, but it’s the direction we took in our household and it’s worked for us. It’s just one way to look at things.


I’m getting my kid to apply for one big scholarship at her #1 school (already accepted with merit). No outside scholarships unless she wants to.

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Wow! Your son added a second major and still graduated in 3 years?

He will finish in 4 years with the second major. It would have been 3 for just his engineering degree with his AP credit, but we are really happy to pay for the 4th year for him to earn two degrees and also have more time in school. After losing more than a year of “normal college” due to the pandemic, we are really happy he will have the 4th year after all. He was really loving his freshman year experience pre-pandemic.


Only bothered with the college’s merit aid (checked off 'not applying for financial aid" partly because she’s not hugely competitive applicant gpa etc wise, and so it will help her chances of getting in. Also because she has zero chance of financial based aid. And only applying to in state colleges, which have very good prices.)