[ASAP]!SAT Japanese HELP!

I was studying for the SAT Japanese with Listening and I could not understand a question.

<p>I answered c, but the answer was a.
Why is はいります not the answer?
Is ごめんなさい same expression as しつれいします?</p>

<p>It's a set expression: When you are visiting someone(and before you enter), you say ごめんください.</p>

<p>What does akemasu mean? And tazuneta?</p>

<p>to open, to visit
not that it matters since it is over lol</p>

<p>@AlacrityPain Thanks :) (although I already took the exam,,,)
Actually, I'm considering canceling...
It seems I would get about 700s, or worse, 600s...
Did you hear anything about the difficulty of the international version for this November?</p>

<p>@AlacrityPain I didn't take the test. I'm just expanding my vocabulary and getting a feel of the questions on the SAT II Japanese.</p>