Athletic/Academic Resume Templete

Any suggestions as to where we can find examples of a well done Athletic/Academic Resume to send to college coaches? Timed sport.
Not sure what to include and how to format and organize the information.
Google searches haven’t turned up much.

Google 15 sample athletic resumes. The article has a bunch of links, some more helpful than others but you should get a good idea of what to say and how to format it.

I suspect that high school guidance counselors have a number of models available, as it is pretty typical nowadays for athlete and non-athlete alike to have college resumes.

Make it look like a resume for a job. Top of resume should be name and contact information. Next section is academic. Add name of high school, GPA and ACT/SAT. If a particular course of study (IB, Honors AP), you can add that as well. Also include academic awards, such as class rank (if it is good), honor roll and honor societies, Next section is Athletic. Depending on room, you can do a subsection on high school and a subsection on club/ tournament teams. This is the place to identify positions, how many years on varsity, MVPs, Captain, All County, All State. If you are in timed sports, you might want to add PRs. Some tournaments also award MVPs for games or tournaments. Add that in as well. Then do a section on interests. That is pretty self explanatory (clubs, academic interests, etc.). If a student has only had one job, then you can identify the job in the interest section. You can add service work in the interest section as well, or if you have a lot of service work, you could make that a separate section.

Personally, I do not like listing references on a resume.

dadof4kids and gointhruaphase, Thanks. Did either of you put a picture on the resume or links to videos?

Nope to both, but neither are wrong. I know a lot of teams have profiles with photos, but we didn’t do it. It makes sense for tournaments, since it helps identify a kid in a crowd (although numbers help for that). It also takes up a lot of room on a resume. And for our use (attached to an email, brought with us to coach meetings), identification wasn’t an issue.

We didn’t do a link to video because we would send videos attached to emails (or a link in an email). That said, I think it is a great idea.

College resumes for us made a seamless transition resumes for internships and employment. They got used to updating it frequently with new bits of information. No trauma for the first real job.

Yes to both. Almost all examples I have seen have a photo. I liked doing the video that way, because I could update the video and the link would take the coach to the current video.

I never put references on a regular resume, but I think HS and club coach contact info is important to put on this one. A couple college coaches used that info and “screened” S through his HS coach before they actually contacted S. They could see he was talented from video and tournament results, but wanted to make sure he was a hard worker and not a jerk before they even bothered to contact him directly.

Not sure about actual templates, but to get a handle on what to include try these:

  • Visit the websites of the schools you're interested in and see what's on their recruiting interest form for your sport.
  • Check out a selection of the recruiting services and see what they collect/show on their profiles. CaptainU, NCSA, BeRecruited, Maxpreps, etc etc etc usually have a freebie profile to bulk up their sites, and then they call you (a lot) to try upselling you on a paid service. But the free profile is not just a template, it can be your resume and you can direct people to it.

@3boys4m3 I will pm you a template for resumes that we use for our swimmers. This should help you! :slight_smile:

Thank you, kjs1992.

StPaulDad, Thanks. I’m not familiar with a couple of those sites and will check them out.