Austin College class of 2010

<p>It is a good school. I had my doubts about it as well but after I visited and saw how great the pre-med program was I was sold to it. The campus is pretty (although the dorms stink) and the people seem nice.</p>

<p>That's cool...what are colleges are/were you considering? I'm still deciding between:</p>

<p>Austin College
Texas A&M
Boston U
Indiana U

<p>I have to decide quickly!</p>

<p>Austin College, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Emory (waitlisted). So far my top choice is Austin College but if I get into Emory I may reconcider.</p>

<p>I just turned in my acceptance form. Austin College class of 2010! Anyone else going to be a freshman with me?</p>