Ayesha at Last and The One - February CC Book Club Selection

I just started Ayesha, partly because my new DIL was excited by the sound of it. (Her dissertation is on Asian migrants - though not to Canada.) I gave her both books for Christmas. Both books were available from my library with no wait time other than whatever inter-library loan required.

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I now have both books and am ready to start reading. I’m starting with The One first and then sliding into Ayesha at Last. After taking a look at these two, I predict I’ll finish by the start of the Feb. 1 discussion (unlike my mistiming of Middlemarch.)

Looking forward to the discussion!

I have finished both. They are very fast reads.

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For lightweight grins & giggles a d greater context, just finished reading “The Prince and the Guard” and “Heir.” They are in “The One” selection series.

Oh dear, I think you read a different “The One” - it sounds like you read a book written by Kiera Cass. Although it does fit the theme of the other books!

@HImom not to worry, I just finished reading The One, John Marrs in one day! I couldn’t get the ebook from our library so I bought it.
Hope you can easily find the book. Once the plot unfolds, it’s hard to put this book down, I compared it to Gone Girl.

Ok. Have put hold on John Marrs book. Glad it wasn’t the other book— seemed more like YA than the group usually opts for.

I’m #1 on waitlist so hope to be notified any day.