B.M. for someone who is a stronger musician than he is an student?

I’m not saying that he wouldn’t get in to UMD. He might be able to. I’m saying he’d be miserable there. He’s not going to be OK with being the bottom student his academic classes, even if they’re a small portion of his course load. That’s not his personality. I want him to be able to concentrate on his music, and to have room in his life for the other things that he loves like volunteering with kids, being outside, getting exercise.

WVU could be a fit. Does anyone have experience with Appalachian State or Slippery Rock? They’re both schools that have come up on my own search, but I didn’t see them here.

I was a bit confused because I was thinking a BM OR Music Ed. Where I am from Music Ed is generally in the education department. I am in a group with a bunch of music teachers so I asked. One has a Bachelors of Music Ed with k-12 choral certification and a general music certification. She went to Pacific Luthern in Tacoma Washington and she does not teach in Wahington. Even better understanding what he is looking for, I still think Baldwin Wallace and Northern Arizona are great fits. BW is in a small town outside of Cleveland with a huge nature preserve with a lake and hiking. Ohio is huge on high school show choir and band. Its hard not to fall in love with the place. Their scholarships are based on weighted GPA, so he probably qualifies for scholarships. It is known for being a teacher college and its music conservatory. NAU is in the closest “city” to the Grand Canyon. They have a BMEd (that seems to be what it is generally called ) in secondary education. Both schools are very music centric (although NAU is also party centric). Both schools house the program in the music department rather than the education department.

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Slippery Rock is one of the better PASSHE schools. Unfortunately I know nothing about their music education program. From a Google search, i did find out that they have a large and active marching band which won awards at the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Dublin in 2019.

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From what I read, there are both BA and BM options. He wants the latter. We’ll check out BW an NAU. They both sound like possibilities.

Slippery Rock is the very best place in the US, maybe the world, to study adaptive recreation. If you want to teach blind people how to rock climb, or triple amputee veterans how to snowboard, you go to Slippery Rock. So, the community of outdoorsy people, and the athletic facilities there are amazing. That’s what made me think of it for him, because I think he’d love that aspect of it. But I haven’t found out much about the music, although I know they have it.

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I know I’m late to arrive, but there’s LOTS to like about “The U.” My son (who got into far more competitive programs) almost chose it for engineering from out of state. SLC is a great town. The easy access to outdoor activities is unparalleled. The MUSS is crazy. Being in the band would be that on steroids. Utah is highly regarded for both music and dance. The dorms are great and the campus is pretty. Highly recommend at least looking.