Babson College Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

My daughter got in. 4.28 gpa, 1520 SAT, summer research, published article, varsity sports captain, other extra curriculars and school clubs.

Son got in. Weighted gpa 96%, SAT 1530. No merit.

Deferred. 3.3W GPA and 1360 SAT score.

My daughter got deferred. She has a 4.23 weighted and has taken 4 AP(s) and the rest Honors classes. She got a 1200 super score on her SAT(s) but did not send them in. Several extracurricular activities including Soccer for 4 years. She applied to Information Technology Management and Undecided. I hope other had better luck as we are very disappointed but will try to stay positive.

My son was admitted EA - 5.0 WGPA; 3.93 UWGPA; 1460 SAT; multiple varsity sports and all the other EC’s and Leadership that HS students who apply to Babson likely have. I believe the most important part of his application that made a difference was his expressed interest. He visited Babson this past summer and attended a prospective student orientation, made a few contacts, got a few names in Admissions, etc. I think a school like Babson College really values expressed interest. Now we’ll have to see what kind of Merit $ they offer. While Babson is a great school, it has to make financial sense in today’s (lousy) economy.

When/where/how do we get scholarship/merit aid information for Babson?

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Hi was she an international student?


Did anyone get a note with their acceptance package from the dean of admissions on their essay or something?

My daughter was accepted. We are interested in merit aid or scholarship money. When/where/how do we get scholarship/merit aid information for Babson?

Son deferred EA, UW3.6 W 4.2, SAT 1380 tons of ECS, mostly honors and APs. Good interview and supplements.
Sibling also goes to Babson so we are surprised with this. Sibling was admitted with 3.5 UW and 3.8W.
He is planning on sending the letter of continued interest in Feb when mid year grades are out. Hopefully will be an acceptance in April! What are his chances?

Anybody have any updated information on the timing of Merit awards?