Barnard Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

it cannot come soon enough!!!

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where was this date confirmed?

for those asking, the date was confirmed on the @barnardadmissions instagram story (:

just saw it! why did that make me so nervous i already knew that lol?

RIGHT! like pretty much everyone’s predicted that it’ll come out the 15th, but now I’m like OH MY GOD THERE’S A DATE


i’m so nervous! and i have midterms that whole week so i’ll be extra anxious

apparently it’s dec 14th

Yup. I got an email saying the 14th at 6:30 ET


We are happy that Barnard College emerged as your top choice and that you chose to submit an Early Decision application. In this day of immediate replies and automated responses, we appreciate your patience as you await our decision.

We write to notify you that your decision will be available on the evening of Tuesday, December 14, 2021 around 6:30 PM Eastern Time. You will receive an email with a link to your applicant portal that will allow you to view your decision.


Good luck everyone!!! We did everything we could in power, and I guess there is really no point in stressing out, everything happens for a reason :slight_smile:


The email I just got said they are sending out on Dec. 14 at 6:30 pm

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It feels so surreal that the decision date is so soon! I know that everyone says to stay positive but I don’t want my heart to be crushed so I’m keeping my hopes low😭 Good luck to everyone!


Good luck everyone! Y’all seem so nice on here so hoping I get to see you all on campus next year :slight_smile:


So crazy that we are officially only a week away!!! I know we’re all super nervous, so I thought it could be nice to drop some of our favorite tv shows or movies we can use to distract ourselves with as the decision date gets closer. My recommendations are Killing Eve and High Fidelity, both on Hulu. <3


Criminal minds :)))

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Good idea!!! So here it goes the choices of an 18 year old Portuguese girl (that loves musical theatre as you can see in the movie section)
Series- Glória (the first Portuguese Netflix serie), Hollywood and dear old Gossip Girl
Movies- Tick Tick Boom, Funny Girl and your favourite Barbie movie (mine is Barbie of Swan Lake)

Btw, with High Fidelity are you referring to the original movie or the series? If you haven’t seen both of them I highly recommend :))

I would definitely recommend New Girl for a genuine laugh and to get your mind off. Definitely recommend Hamilton to legit be transported into another world for 3 hours lol

ooh that’s such a good question
Gilmore girls has been an all-time favorite of mine since I was like 11 years old and it’s the perfect comfort show to take your mind off college apps
Brooklyn 99 – I actually have so many issues with this show because like acab but then it’s just so good so idk
also I recently watched only murders in the building and I absolutely LOVED - it takes place in nyc too which is just another pro


also has anyone read any good books lately? I definitely have enough to read as it is but also always need some more books for that #escapism vibe ya know