Barnard Regular Decision Fall 2022 Admissions

Barnard Fall 2022 applicants – here’s your thread to ask questions, swap stats, and share news and admissions updates with others applying to Barnard.

How does your application compare to the students accepted last year? Take a look at the info below and then share your stats, activities and more.

Barnard 2021 Admissions Statistics
Mean SAT Score 1419
Admissions Test Policy Test optional through 2023
Applicants Submitting SATs 62%
Applicants Submitting ACTs 46%
Waitlist Yes

A Note on Admissions Data: We get our data from Peterson’s. If any of the data seems off, this wiki-post allows registered CC members to edit, update, or add relevant info, like important dates, deadlines and admissions statistics. If you have updated statistics from a trustworthy source, you are welcome to add it to this post. To make changes, just click the pencil icon in the lower right corner.

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Why not from the source instead:

SAT EBRW 710-770
SAT Math 720-780
SAT Composite 1440-1520

Posting anything just to post something, is not really public service.

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I don’t know what/where “this” wiki post is!? I went to this page:

and essentially found none of the figures being correct for 2021 admissions (class of 2025) - yet I see no way to supply/submit corrections.

Thanks for the correction, @DigitalDad. I looked at the 1419 and thought, “That’s surprising!”

1440-1520, more like what I was expecting.

Thanks for the comments. You can click the pencil icon on the post to edit the post itself with updated information. A wiki-post is any post that can be edited.

Peterson’s aggregates data from the Common Data set, which schools report themselves. There are over 3000 schools on CC. Barnard reported their mean composite SAT for 2021 as 1419. They also reported that the middle 50% of scorers scored between a 1440 and 1520, as you note above. Those numbers seem at odds, unless some of the bottom 25% scored considerably lower than the middle 50%. But that is what was reported via the Common Data set. I do not see another mean SAT reported on the Barnard website.

None of the other figures (such as a 14% acceptance rate) jive with current data - so there seems to be a disconnect what your provider’s records show as “having been reported” vs. what they actually do report publicly and consistently.
Maybe no “mean” was reported in recent years, causing however-old data to linger as that field is never cleared/reset.

I’ve looked and don’t see any pencil icon on the original post OR the page in question (Barnard College - College Confidential). What am I missing:

Checked some more - I’d tempted to say, NONE of the quoted numbers on your page are right.


Composite SAT Range ### 1370 - 1500
Math SAT Range ### 670 - 770
Reading SAT Range ### 680 - 748


In 2021, tuition for full-time students at Barnard College was $55,781 a year.

Not even close.


Maybe delete this thread until someone is willing to take the time to use the actually publicly published figures.