Baylor University Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

DD deferred with a 4.7 GPA and 1520 SAT - this is. . . A bit surprising isn’t it?

That makes zero sense. Her stats are very strong.

Assume she didn’t show much demonstrated interest and/or didn’t fill out supplemental essays. Still time to express desire to attend since deferred.

I am sorry and really surprised. If she is really wanting Baylor I would reach out to her admission counselor as said below to express interest. I have been so impressed by Baylor’s AOs-super responsive and helpful.

They potentially see Baylor as a safety with those stats I think.

I’ve been hearing a lot of talks about dorms. Anyone know the best one or have any good tips, or things I should know? I’m leaning toward Penland but still very open to whatever. Any info is greatly appreciated! (Also hoping to do a double shared room and shared bathroom)

My son lived in Heritage House his freshman year. He loved it. Had a private room in a suite. Had 5 roommates. It is a living and learning community and they had awesome treats/activities all the time. Check out the instagrams of the different dorms.

D heard from I2E. Did not make the first round but they said she is placed on a short list for alternates, so I guess that is good news and we stay hopeful.


3.98 UW/ 34 ACT Deferred for engineering. Son isn’t mad. He finds it both confusing and funny.

They probably wanted to see more demonstrated interest from him and can see if he is serious about attending if he agrees to continue being considered.

Penland only has community-style bathrooms and about one third of rooms are triples so if a double with a shared bathroom is really important to you then Penland might not be the best option.

Penland is a great option if it’s the right fit, however. It has a really strong community, has the largest dining hall on campus attached, and is arguably the most centrally located dorm on campus. It does have a reputation of being the party dorm, especially the 3rd floor (though party dorm for Baylor doesn’t mean the same thing as some other schools.)

If you have questions about dorms just LMK! I’d be more than happy to answer.

  • current Baylor student

My Son(17) got admitted on Jan 15th
Pre-health major (biology)
SAT Optional


Have any EA admits heard back on need based aid yet? S22’s portal says offers by 2/1. Not sure if they ever arrive early.

Not here. S22 participated in a virtual admitted students reception tonight and AO said same, 2/1

My daughter (ED) heard January 15th. I think EA/RD hears by Feb. 1st

Were you happy with the aid offer you received? Was i5 in the ballpark of what you were expecting?

Yes we were happy. She received a good merit amount plus she received the dept. distinguished scholars scholarship. So about1/2 tuition total.

How/ where do you apply for the department scholarship as a freshman?