Be Straw Free

I do a lot to help the environment, but I like my straws!

Cold drinks without ice? Ick. I had a hard time in Europe, where they don’t seem to believe in ice. Lukewarm Coke!

Most cold drinks in the USA are already very cold without ice. And you get more beverage for your $ :slight_smile:

@MomofWildChild Some options are going back to biodegradable paper straws or using reusable straws.

You seriously never see people walking around with their soda cups with straws in them?

I don’t use straws, but I’m certainly aware others do.

I use the stainless steel straws for a a year now and it works for us. We use them a lot.

We also use the stainless steel straws. I think they’re great.

I get straws in restaurants. I can’t control what they provide. I re-use straws at home- usually the nice plastic ones from Sonic.

I use straws and not giving them up. I do often reuse them.

If you like to use straws at home, there are biodegradable/compostable straws, they are all over the place, for example,

IMO, ice in drinks is much more damaging to the planet than straws. :slight_smile: Just think how much energy is going into making that ice. It is just the unfortunate effects of nature interacting with straws are much more graphic…

We don’t use straws at home. I wonder if you could get the coffee places to put their iced coffee in their hot cups? I think for milkshake types drinks straws are pretty much a necessity. Once upon a time straws were made of waxed paper, maybe we should go back to that. (Actually Google tells me there are companies making compostable straws.)

Actually, we can have an influence on what restaurants buy. Talk to the manager. Write to headquarters for the chain restaurants.

Ugh, even a cold drink warms up quickly without ice. Don’t know how people drink it. I do ask them not to fill up the whole cup with ice, but a half cup is good. I guess I’m stubborn. Not giving up straws.

Just double-checked the plastic straws I use–they are recyclable.

“plastic straws are not recyclable. Plastic straws are made from polypropylene, which is a byproduct of petroleum, a fossil fuel that requires an incredible amount of energy and natural resources to extract and refine. Polypropylene is identifiable by the resin identification code 5 and is commonly recyclable, just often not in drinking straw format. Size is the biggest barrier to straw recycling. As plastic travels down conveyor belts while being sorted, small items like bottle caps and straws fall through the cracks and end up being sent to the landfill. As of right now there aren’t many (if any) special straw-recycling facilities either, which means when you use a straw, you know that plastic will sit in a landfill for years to come.”

“Most cold drinks in the USA are already very cold without ice. And you get more beverage for your $”

I ask for my ice on the side as they never seem to put enough in - but i never order anything but water (unless it’s an alcohol beverage) and it’s never cold enough for my liking,

Sipping on straws can cause wrinkle around ones’s mouth.

Mine are marked with a 4 for recycling.

And as for wrinkles guess you don’t get to drink out of a water bottle either.

Many things marked aren’t actually recyclable in many places.

“And as for wrinkles guess you don’t get to drink out of a water bottle either.”

Yep. The whole straw/water bottle thingy came up for me years ago because I play tennis and we all brought water bottles with us when we played. I now use a large thermal cup and take the lid off.

Milo used to be my son’s friend until they moved out of town (too bad). Extremely smart kid, was homeschooled and traveled a lot with his mom for many years. I’d love to find out what college he ends up in.

For those of you who don’t want to give up on straws, there are reusable ones

There are silicone ones as well. I’ve had sensitive teeth before so I understand not wanting to give them up (I bugged the dentist a lot to please find the bad tooth, eventually fixed). Fortunately, I don’t need them anymore.